Uche - Shoo Fly

Uche - Shoo Fly

Uche - Shoo Fly

AlbertflexAlbertflex in June 13, 2014


Uché found his home when he took stage as a solo artist. He describes his performances, “No apologies, I go all out every time. You ain’t never seen a lanky bro ‘Get It’ like a short guy can... until now lol.” As of late, God’s grace has been propelling Uché\\\'s career recently winning the ACUVUE® 1-Day Contest, releasing his single “Shoo Fly” along with music video, Sponsored by ACUVUE® Brand. All the while being mentored by Joe Jonas. When asked what is one word that describes Uché, Joe exclaimed, “Energy!” Since then Uche has opened for the likes of Grammy nominated rapper, B.o.B, and Pop icon Demi Lovato. Uché has a bright personality, drive, and talent that will not be silenced. Constantly on YouTube uploading his remixes and live shows or in the studio, Uché diligently works with several producers in Houston and Dallas to write and create now over 100 tracks that feel just as unique and funky as he is. “I love being in the studio because it never feels like work to me, It is just way too much fun and its chill that way.


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