Pbrodaz ft. Dj Arafat - Maka Tswa Tsi

Dec 19, 2015 | Bebestic | 561 Views

Pbrodaz ft. Dj Arafat - Maka Tswa Tsi

Overview: Pbrodaz ft. Dj Arafat - Maka Tswa Tsi

Tawani Productions has finally released Cameroons/Africa most anticipated single “MAKA TSWA TSI”. “MAKA TSWA TSI” is a slang from the PBrodaz native language Bafut-Cameroon. The direct translation in pidgin means “ah go hold waist”, in English “ I will grab the waist” and in French “Attraper le Bondo”.

“Maka Tswa Tsi” features Kora Award winner, king DJ Arafat Temistocle, and produced by Young D One of Nigeria’s finest producers and Shamack Allharamadji hailed as one of the best Cameroonian video directors. “Maka Tswa Tsi” is an infectious blend of Afro beats and Makossa, a music genre which the PBrodaz intend to set the trend and dominate. As Korikoko did, this single is well positioned to succeed in winning Africa and the World music lovers. “We realize our fans have waited, and expect the best from us, and we are very excited to release “Maka Tswa Tsi,” says PBrodaz, .”

We will not disappoint, their patience have been compensated. Pbrodaz are grateful for your overwhelming and continuous support. you can only expect more from the brothers. Enjoy!!

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