Navio - Rider

Navio - Rider

Navio - Rider

BebesticBebestic in November 25, 2016


When it comes to breaking boundaries with music, Navcorp has always been a step ahead. This ground breaking music project is for a song called named “Rider”. Aptly named because Navio fans are known to support in force.\r\n\r\nIn this next move, we see nothing short of a music video shot like a movie by Carlos Nunez. The influence for the video will come from a Michael Mann directing style. With a mixture of hand held, industry sized drone and stationery shots, showing the glossy side of Ibitha and Miami in a gritty Hip Hop style.\r\n\r\nThe song is a carefree expression about being true to the #Squad, having fun and representing your own side and will be out in a few short days.\r\n\r\nThere have been a few setbacks to the release of the video. Navio had to shoot with a severe fracture to his forearm. Also the Costa Nostra theme happened at the same time as one of his own family members was robbed. So out of respect the release was delayed.\r\n\r\nThe song itself was produced by Aethan who added some live bass and guitar riffs to keep it interesting, while maintaining a movie like theme to the song as well. Recorded by Samurae at TA and given a cinematic master by Dawoo at Audio Central Studios which really pushed the envelope.\r\n\r\nNavcorp is proud to present to you the Video of the Year… #Rider. Who will you Ride with?

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