Navio - Njogereza

Navio - Njogereza

Navio - Njogereza

BebesticBebestic in April 21, 2016
HipHop culture has been alive for over 50 years. Baganda Culture has been around for almost 2000. After hundreds of song in the studio, it was only a matter of time before Navio had to pay homage to one of the most enduring forms of African music…

“Njogereza” is full of traditional chanting and traditional instrumentation, musically directed by Paddy Man. With Unique on deck to make sure that Navio’s words were less street oriented with his luganda.

You would expect the fans to have been unhappy with this departure from the norm but the audio has received nothing but love thus far. The fact is, it gets no “realer” than traditional music. If Hip Hop is seeded in anti establishment and anti-colonial notions… then this would be one of his “realest” songs to date. Like the unexpected work on Kanye’s “Twisted, Dark fantasy” or Drake’s “Hotline Bling” it comes in at the perfect moment. A bonus on the most critically acclaimed UG Hip Hop album “The Chosen”.

The video was Directed by Shiloh and shot in the Entebbe Botanical Gardens with the aid of the Navcorp Films team. It is an age old Ugandan story. Seeing Navio have to strip away ego etc to really connect with a beautiful African girl.

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