Michelle Obama x College Humor - Go To College

Michelle Obama x College Humor - Go To College

Michelle Obama x College Humor - Go To College

AlnificentAlnificent in December 11, 2015


Michelle Obama dropped some inspirational rhymes in a rap music video Thursday in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of a college education among young Americans, CBS News reports.

Michelle Obama, often referred to in social media as FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), teamed up with Jay Pharoah – a comedian from SNL known for his impressive impersonations of Barack Obama- to perform in a rap music video entitled “Go to College.” The music video was uploaded and produced by student site College Humor.

“If you wanna fly jets you should go to college/ Reach high and cash checks, fill your head with knowledge,” Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah riffed in tandem as they performed the rap track within the premises of the White House.

The “Go to College” music video is part of Michelle Obama’s “Better Make Room” campaign, which aims to reverse the slipping college graduation rates in the US. The “Better Make Room” campaign targets students aged 14 to 19.

Source: inquisitr.com


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