Kheengz - Almajiri

Kheengz - Almajiri

Kheengz - Almajiri

AkohAkoh in April 21, 2018


Almajiri is an Arabic word which means \"a student\" and not a beggar.\r\n\r\nThe negative stereotype usually attributed to the word Almajiri, is that of a dirty little child who carries plate around to seek for food and alms. But an almajiri is simply a student whether in the university or Creche. \r\n\r\nThe above stereotype is exactly what Kheengz addresses in this new song titled, Almajiri. \r\n\r\nThis type of conscious song is timely and indeed necessary for us to do away with certain notions.\r\n\r\nThe song was Mixed and Mastered by DJ Steev.

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