Davido Gets Pranked On The Bigger Friday Show

May 09, 2016 | Alnificent | 1,280 Views

Overview: Davido Gets Pranked On The Bigger Friday Show

If you are out there thinking of playing expensive pranks on singer Davido my brother think carefully and make sure you wear shields.
Over the weekend, B-Red helped the Big Friday Show actors into Davido’s house. When the got in they creamed at the Davido to come down stars and refund the money they paid into his account for a show that he failed to turn up.
One of the actors then shouted at Davido to come down from his balcony and answer them... na there Davido change am for dem. He came down in anger, cursing and throwing bottles at the actors.
The prank was quickly wrapped up, less it might get really bloody. No play rough play with Davido o! Watch, Like and add your comments below

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