Becca - Na Wash ft. Patoranking

Feb 21, 2017 | Kingakoh | 1,728 Views

Becca - Na Wash ft. Patoranking

Overview: Becca - Na Wash ft. Patoranking

Here is the official video of the hit song ”Na Wash” by Becca featuring Patorankin’.
The simple duet is a parody at modern day relationships and their portrayal on social media as blissful and perfect, while the real deal involves lies, broken promises and human flaws.
“Na wash”, is an Afro-pop song, with a romantic saxophone that backs up the track’s call and response structure.

Playback and singing along just got easier as all three in the studio got involved, “I just got a DM from my crush… Na Wash. He’s a cool guy, I thought as much.. Na Wash.

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