2C ft. Akon - Mr. Mechanic

2C ft. Akon - Mr. Mechanic

2C ft. Akon - Mr. Mechanic

AlnificentAlnificent in February 09, 2018
Konvict Kulture and Liberia\'s first international artist, 2C, releases his new single and official video for Mr. Mechanic, featuring superstar artist AKON, and the internet has gone wild! Dance contest, bloggers, radio, twitter trending, endless chatter about the new hit. The song is in English and brings a brand-new sound by infusing Dance, Techno and Afro-Pop with Hip Hop, which will appeal to a global audience from many genres of music.\r\n\r\nMr. Mechanic is 2C\'s first single from the forthcoming, highly anticipated album, titled, \"Bridgin\' Da Gap,\" which is set to release on Outtaspace Ent./Konvict Kulture label. 2C worked with a team of amazing producers, including grammy-nominated producer, Ace Harris to create the unique sound for Bridgin\' Da Gap. The album will include features with Akon, Rock City and others to be announced.\r\n\r\n\"2C\" The First Liberian International Star. Afro-Pop Hip Hop artist 2C was born in Liberia, Africa and raised in the Ivory Coast where music is celebrated by all ages; 2C has a long history of performing and as a youth even won several contests. His family moved to the USA in 1999 and he’s never given up on his dreams, including the most recently realized dream of collaborating with one of his greatest musical influences, the legendary AKON. As the only Afro-Pop artist who sings entirely in English, 2C has a universal appeal and is welcomed warmly throughout the world as the positive, unofficial Liberian musical ambassador.\r\n\r\nGet Social: Twitter|Instagram @iam2c


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