Police allegedly arrest boyfriend of married lady who jumped into the Lagoon

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More details have emerged about the lady who committed suicide on June 9th by off the 3rd Mainland Bridge into the lagoon.

It has emerged that,her alleged lover whose actions triggered her sucide, has been picked up by the police.

According to one Nick Sparkles, the deceased was based in Texas, U.S and married with 3 kids. She allegedly got involved with another guy in Nigeria who allegedly swindled/collected over N10m from her.

According to Sparkles after the deceased got him arrested, he released their nVde pictures in order to prove his innocence to the police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual and that he’s not a fraudster as claimed by the deceased.

The report claims the lady’s husband got wind of the blackmail , and this compelled him to conduct a DNA test on all their 3 children which later turned out that they are not his children.

The series of events allegedly pushed the deceased into committing suicide.

Credit: NationalHelm