Ycee - Your Love (Prod. By Syn X)

Ycee - Your Love (Prod. By Syn X)

Ycee - Your Love (Prod. By Syn X)

BebesticBebestic in May 04, 2018
Following the release of his joint EP with label mate Bella Alubo, Tinny Entertainment rapper Ycee releases new music – ‘Your Love’.\r\n\r\nYcee takes off with his signature chill voice and introduction. He wastes no time to toot his horn as he dedicates his first eight bars to rap about how much his lover means to him in quick flows.\r\n\r\nThe fast tempo hook is complimented with striking sounds from a piano that leaves you bumping involuntarily as Ycee repeats;\r\n\r\n‘Baby you stuck in my memory ‘\r\n‘you know I remember yeah ‘\r\n‘Girl I cannot forget your love’\r\n\r\nYcee leads us into the next round of bars with a deeper voice as he delivers more rhythmic flows with a touch of patois\r\n\r\n“Girl your figure eight,\r\nmake a man like me wanna misbehave\r\nSay your heart don break I go renovate\r\nWith me everything go better babe”\r\n\r\nThe Syn X produced tune would get you in the right vibe from the push of the play button!\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nDOWNLOAD TO IOS
Ycee - Your Love (Prod. By Syn X)

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