MUSIC: Valtzino - Peace in Nigeria

MUSIC: Valtzino - Peace in Nigeria

MUSIC: Valtzino - Peace in Nigeria

AlnificentAlnificent in October 01, 2018
In one of its kind, a sensational peace song, embracing national unity, solutions and independence celebration , Valtzino releases his new single' Peace song  of the Year – PEACE IN 9JA .
When it came to making of this song , i deliberately chose to represent the contents as it was originally written in the year 2004, apparently nothing has changed so far!   along with the solution we seek in Nigeria, i decided to use this song as a symbolic interpretation in  my own personal view.          
It is true  that art is always interpreted through each individual’s unique and special frame of reference, but it seemed extra important for me to point facts  in this song,relating to the ongoing stress in Nigeria as a country . Having judged the nations situation with my everyday life experience and also with the things happening around us, i believe that our major problem lies within us and no body in particular should take blame for this, charity they say ,begins at home.          
The lyrics of this song are not sentimentally based in avoidance of conflict.
I am  passionate about the unity of NIGERIA as one great nation  and i  pray that this song becomes an anthem of the heart for those who need it the most.
MUSIC: Valtzino - Peace in Nigeria

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