Oyinkus - Yahweh, That's Your Name

Oyinkus - Yahweh, That's Your Name

Oyinkus - Yahweh, That's Your Name

AlnificentAlnificent in January 25, 2018


We\'re surrounded by so many distractions in today\'s world. These deliberately positioned distractions have amounted to strongholds that compete variably (or even better) for the affections of the average Christian compared to the tenacity of his dedication to God. These gods; money, mobile phones, cars, clothes, trends, belief systems etc are idols the modern day Christian might have to struggle with which constantly competes with the place of God in our lives. But Yahweh is glorified forever and ever.\r\n\r\nWith this song, call on God to take all the glory always in our lives giving credence always to the scriptural allusions and pointers to His preeminence in the rule of the affairs of men that whatsoever we pass through, He knows and is deliberate about it. Yielding to Him no matter what, be it in persecution, trials or in plenty, bliss etc we say YAWEH YOU ARE THE GREAT AND MIGHT KING.\r\n\r\n
Oyinkus - Yahweh, That's Your Name

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