Olawale Sleath - Kpokriyon Melo

Olawale Sleath - Kpokriyon Melo

Overview: Olawale Sleath - Kpokriyon Melo

Olawale Sleath is a good and conscious rapper as we all know. He recently got a record deal under the managementof DIXTRIT.MEDIA which is a digital media distribution company.

When he got the deal his management made it known that he would be dropping a mixtape album and believe me this guy has got some massive madt tunes and dope verses that would grace ur ears soonest but like he said to me in a recent conversation "all work and no play never takes the boredom away" so he decided to play on flex b umbele instrumental for two reasons he said "I am versatile and I can also be better"

He calls this one Kpokriyon Melo?

let's see if he's still got his street credibility!!!

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