MUSIC: Bemshima - Closure

MUSIC: Bemshima - Closure

MUSIC: Bemshima - Closure

AlnificentAlnificent in October 13, 2018
Recording artist cum music producer Bemshima, is hell-bent with his aim of been a dynamic and inimitable musician. Keeping up with that traction, he premieres a new record called “Closure” and it is indeed, different from anything you would have heard from him or anyone around these parts for that matter.
Produced by Bemshima himself, the hip-hop beat incorporates elements of lo-fi,minute-EDM with splashes of Afrobeats. Bemshima’s flow itself take a more “in-your-face” energy, with his delivery even clearer than it’s ever been.
On “Closure”, Bemshima puts to bed any hopes of a bad relationship surviving or gaining life, telling us the relationship will never see the light of day – ever. While at that, he asserts that he’ll rather look to make more money and only put himself in a situation that will have him hooking up if it’s strictly with no strings attached. He further pokes fun at women he had failed to get with, rapping “More power to b*tches we’re not f**king, I hope you get blind with this shine I stay locked with…”, a testimony of how well things are starting to look up for the artist whose career has looked sombre as a result of his school obligation.
Listen to “Closure” by Bemshima below:
MUSIC: Bemshima - Closure

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Hot jam.. said hi. 😉

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