Kaychuba – Ogbanje

Kaychuba – Ogbanje

Kaychuba – Ogbanje

AkohAkoh in May 21, 2020


Kaychuba makes a return with a brand new single Dubbed “Ogbanje” the single is a follow up to his widely accepted song Selfish,

Ogbanje in native Igbo tongue means a child that keeps coming back,although it is sometimes used to describe a person with an evil personality or a person that displays eccentric behavioural characteristics, but this song refers to the latter. The lyrics prove an authentic rendition of the mind of a broken-hearted young man as the feeling slowly turn sour and bitter, the instrumentation has characteristics of Afrobeat and rnb mixed and dissolved to create a unique sounding beat that can be called Afro-rnb


Kaychuba is a unique Afro-beats artist with raspy vocals that will capture your attention within seconds. His redefined style and approach towards Afrobeats will leave you relaxed and in a trance. Adapting the pidgin language in some of his songs, he perpetuates a realism to the struggles of the African people. Kaychuba was born Onyeka Ochuba in Lagos Nigeria in 1994. He began singing/writing music while he was in secondary school, but started recording the music he wrote in university where he was formerly known as “karchy”. He would often record music with his roommate, but didn’t release any music as kaychuba until 2019 when he released “selfish” and “me + you” with Mr Steph who produced both tracks. Listen below;

Kaychuba – Ogbanje

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