Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

Overview: Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

Johnny Drill - Wait For Me: Johnny Drille is fast becoming a household name in the music industry in Nigeria and Africa in general, with an absolutely amazing voice, and his unique style of writing love songs with a blend of religious innuendo, one can not help but fall in love with Johnny's music. The former ProjectFame contestant has over the years done covers that has Wowed fans and admires alike. His single ''Love Don't Lie'' was widely accepted and it is still gaining airplay across radio stations in Nigeria.

His latest single ''Wait For Me'' is a song that talks about waiting for a loved one no matter how long it takes. It is difficult to wait no doubt, but when the one you are waiting for is tested and trusted, then it is worth the wait.

Johnny says ''"As I stayed up all night in my bedroom studio listening to the finished 'Wait For Me', I soon realized it was my most emotional song yet. It meant much more to me, it was an experience. For those of us who have had to leave loved ones behind, not sure of what the future was going to bring, 'Wait For Me' tells that story." #WaitForMe



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    reginah nanyange nana
    February 15, 2019 at 10:39

    Omg this song eats my emotions slowly by slowly ,its so fine ,loving, and sweet


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    A.j Friday Samuel
    March 15, 2019 at 06:59

    The song really touch heart


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