Blackfacenaija – African Queen

Blackfacenaija – African Queen

AlnificentAlnificent in September 09, 2019


Nigerian Afro-pop and dancehall veteran Blackfacenaija has over the years accused his former bandmate 2Baba Idibia of allegedly "stealing" his 2004 breakout hit song African Queen from him and has also insisted that he has never received any royalties for the record since it was released 15 years ago.

Today, Blackface has decided to release the alleged original version which was produced by Nelson Brown in order to set the records straight, as well as capitalize off what he describes as "the biggest song he ever wrote". 

Listen and lets have your thoughts in the comment section.

Blackfacenaija – African Queen

Blackfacenaija – African Queen - MP3 DOWNLOAD

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coolebuxcoolebux in Sep 09, 2019 Reply

With this track, I hope 2baba have been exonerated?

HanyiHanyi in Sep 29, 2019 Reply

Nelson Brown Productions and Kennis Music have to come to an agreement over this mudslinging between their former artistes.

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