BankyOnDBeatz – Better ft. Muyiwa

BankyOnDBeatz – Better ft. Muyiwa

BankyOnDBeatz – Better ft. Muyiwa

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After introducing their Afro-futurist sound with ‘Outta My System‘, the sweet-singing Muyiwa Akhigbe and super genre-bending producer, BankyOnDBeatz are taking the newly pioneered sound to another level with their new single, ‘Better‘. This is just a peek into what they’ve been working on for a while now and it’s already promising to be an adventurous sonic experience.

Their Afro-futurist creation is a refreshing potpourri of Afrocentric and futurist sounds with funk, afro-jazz and EDM as its core elements.

‘Better’ is a soothing reaffirmation of love. Across the record, Muyiwa sings with a soulful realness that drives this heartfelt love manifesto right home. He recognises that romantic relationships aren’t just sunshine and rainbows and things get rough and ugly sometimes. But when this happens, he is ready to tough it out with her. “In times of trouble, I wan dey by your side” Muyiwa sings.

BankyOnDBeatz – Better ft. Muyiwa

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