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Am ayodele oluwasegun.s. Popular know as DJ x,one also as gospel djxone... A young professional mashup lord mix.. Nigeria's rising Gospel Disc Jockey, known for mixing and churning out strictly Gospel music, DJ X-one has made available for free download his recent mix of Nigerian Gospel Hit Music. The mix contains samples of your favourite gospel hit tracks released in recent times. Enjoy hit song after hit song as you listen and blast away into the world of quality Nigerian Gospel Music!. The purpose of the gospel x is to make bad men good and good men better, and to change human nature ayodele oluwasegun .s. knows as deejay x,one - D number 1 DJ of F.G.C. His aims is to Promote Good Muzik all round the world. A lover of positive Muzik. A creative person who is not interested in dominating anybody but utterly rejoicing in life. and a humble and loving person

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