The Common Bits That Make Best Selling International Records

The Common Bits That Make Best Selling International Records

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People often wonder what it takes to make a hit song. They ask whether a composer knows when they finish composing or writing a song.  The explanation to that is a vibrant NO.  Songwriters could only guess when they finish off a song whether it is great or just good. But, there is so much that goes into making a song a hit, and it is beyond anyone's control.

Compositions are made with different varieties of elements, this is what completes a tune. Tunes that are electric and connective owe their beauty and charm to the elements of compositions. Each genre of music has a distinct type of aspect that makes them more attractive.

This time of global pandemic the musicians from different countries are coming together in order to create new music, to keep the flow normal, to make living lenient and worth living for. Art gives us a reason to live as it is a desire that resides in us when we hum our favorite songs.


What Makes A Hit Song?

From the collective experience of musicians, many tiny aspects give rise to 'The Pound Of Music'. here is the list of things that make a song a hit:


  • The songwriter composes a song that is catchy, compelling, and marketable. That suggests the song is well crafted, it attaches to a broad audience and it results in an action on the part of the listener.  It may bring out the emotions, it will make you cry, laugh, dance, tap feet, or go purchase the song.  In short,  it causes them to react.  It also has to be saleable in the sense that an artist would want to sing it and an audience would want to listen to it.


  • If the song gets into the right hands, a song that no one ever hears will become a hit. It is much more difficult to write a hit-worthy song than it is to get that song into the right hands. These songs are forever open to hearing potential hits.  Great songs open doors for singers as well as the listeners.  Once a good song gets into the right hands, whether they are heeded by an artist, a producer, a record label, a publisher, or a manager, the fun is on.  This is when things commence happening.


  • The right artist has to be matched with the song. The song was only pitched once. If the label isn't going to handle the song as it supposed to be, the outcome can be a disaster. This step of composing is very important.


  • An incredible recording is made of the song. If the recording of the song doesn’t turn out to be terrific, and by that, we mean great vocal, right tempo, right instrumentation for the genre, and an amazing mix,  the song will probably die in the studio. There are a number of songs that went into the studio and never came out because something was mismanaged in the recording procedure.


  • The record label advertising crew gets behind the song. If the promotion team is involuntary or coerced into promoting the song, it’s not possible to make a hit.  They have to be completely on board to get a song to the top of the charts.  If the team is crazy about their work, it has got a good chance of being a hit!


  • The timing has to be perfect. If your song is flying up the charts and stuck behind the song of the year that is just encamped at the top, you might be denied a Number 1 when you would have had one contrarily.  Or, the artist could have a private or legal issue happen while your song is emerging the charts and radio could reject to play it.  Every small element has to align to get a song to the top of the chart.


The Truth About Chartbusters:

Chartbusters or Record-breakers, whatever you like to call it, these international hits of different genres are ruling the music world for decades. Well, it is certainly the technical and theoretical construction of tunes that make them perfect. The songs that take place in these charts are rightly timed, perfectly constructed. The key, pitch, and rhythmic composition altogether make blockbuster music. Let's look at the top songs of a few countries that have comprehended all elements and advanced in the chart.


Above three charts from Canada, the United States of America and Australia sourced from Betway Insider. Every single song that is present in the chart (mentioned below).

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These songs have been entertaining people for a very long time now with the accurate skills and the tendency of formation that resulted in a masterpiece.  Each of these songs has a calculated form of structural quality which makes the people dance to their beat and enjoy fully. After all, songs are what keeps us alive in miserable times.

It takes plenty of luck and a lot of good stuff happening to make a song a blow.  The songwriter can only control one or two impacts to some degree.  So, the creative songwriter invests the vast majority of his or her time in composing better songs.  Inscribing a better song each day than you wrote the day before is the nicest way to make a song hit someday.  If the composer doesn’t have that, none of the other facts matter.  And, if truly have got a great song, you have got a shot!



For the people who want to know the depth or secret behind the huge hits of international charts, this blog is for you. You know, anything creative takes a lot of effort to put into the right place and a song also works the same way. To build ' The Pound Of Music', the assortment has to be precise. Do your research, go deep into the small elements, if you are a music enthusiast. Surely, this article will prove beneficial.

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