Slimcase: Is This The End Of An Era?

Slimcase: Is This The End Of An Era?

Slimcase: Is This The End Of An Era?

AyoAyo in June 29, 2018

Slimcase is an unusual success story in this over-saturated music industry. From upcoming rapper, to the biggest thing on the street, to rolling with Wizkid, D’banj, Reminisce, Olamide, Mr Eazi and more. It’s not something that happens every time, or that happens so fast. In the case of Slimcase tho, the rules were suspended, and for a whole year period, he was the rave. He held it down, than anybody else!

All thanks to Olamide’s “Wo,” “Oja” and others, the Shaku-Shaku themed songs started gaining attraction, at the latter part of last year. Making the rest of the year a shaku year, since everyone had to jump on it. Meanwhile, before “Wo,” there was a song called “Oshozondi.” That was the song that shot Slimcase to stardom.
It was originally a song convened by DJ Sidez, but due to the fact that Slimcase brought in his flavour and lamba’s (what the hell is even the meaning of Oshozondi?), it became his song. And, slowly the song penetrated, and before you could say Jack, Slimcase was already a star!

Meanwhile, shaku shaku was getting bigger, just as Slimcase was getting bigger. Everyone saw it. And all the stars went for him. D’banj did “Issa Banger,” which is one of Slimcase’s biggest hits till date. DJ Enimoney put him on “Diet,” with Reminisce and Tiwa Savage. DJ Xclusive featured him on “Shempe,” alongside Mz Kiss. Yemi Alade went for him, they did “Shakpati.” DJ Neptune, Mr Eazi, Mz Kiss are a few of other artists he has done songs with. There was no way he won’t blow. So Slimcase blew without a hit song of his own, and then…

SHAKU-SHAKU started crumbling, as the Afrobeats that has been in the developing stage for years started gaining prominence. “Soco,” “Assurance,” “Mind,” “No Wo,” “Bobo,” all when shaku-shaku was hot. And by the time it was June, Shaku-Shaku was almost gone. Even Olamide had given up on it, dropping the Afrobeats “Kana.” What did we get after that?

Otunba Lamba! Listen to Slimcase singing on that jam, and you’ll feel that fear in his voice. He’s as afraid as I am. Slimcase is about to go down. It’s too late to start trying out other genres, as he built his catalogue on “Shaku-Shaku.” But, like Phil Collins, it’s never too late!.

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