How a protester snitched on other protesters to collect N4m from Akwa Ibom State Governor

How a protester snitched on other protesters to collect N4m from Akwa Ibom State Governor

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The youths in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State are having it mildly with a set of individuals for snitching on the #EndSARS protesters in the state.

The gist is that on Tuesday the 13 of October, the Governor of the state, Udom Emmanuel offered Four Million Naira to the protesters for refreshment as they joined other Nigerians to protest #EndSARS and police brutality. The money was outrightly rejected by the protesters.

It was later discovered that one Kufre Carter an OAP in one of the radio stations in Akwa Ibom and a few others went behind to collect the money and were adviced to keep it a top secret.

When asked about the money, he denied collecting any money. In his words:

I, Kufre Carter, DID NOT collect, receive or have anything to do with money concerning yesterday’s protest. When I birthed the idea of the protest, it wasn’t because of money. It was because we needed change.

I’ve already been accused of being a ”Dakkada Boy”, even when this same Government incarcerated me through the DSS for 31 days. It’s ironic that I’ll turn around to become a Dakkada Boy when the case is still in court.

After much pressure and evidences, he finally accepted collecting the money but said only N500k was shared to him. He wrote:

Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen.
A lot has been said about me following the End SARS protests on Tuesday. I've been inundated with calls from responsible people to ask about the whereabouts of 4million naira reportedly given to me by the Governor for the Tuesday protests. The rest have resorted to online bickering and name calling.
Well, I want to state the facts about the money categorically thus:
1. Half an hour after the governor finished addressing the protesters, I got a call from the SSA on Youth Matters to come to Eni Stores with two(2) people from the protest ground. I obliged.
2. On arrival, I was informed that His Excellency has given the sum of four(4) million naira and explained the sharing formula: (i) 2 million for "Uyo Youths" and 2 million for four (4) blocs of protest organisers(which he knew I was one of those who organised the said protest).
3. I was handed five hundred thousand naira (500,000) with specific instructions on how to share which I disbursed accordingly to five people.
4. With this money, came a caveat that the information should be as discreet as possible and I agreed hence the reason for my initial denial which I've grossly regretted.
5. Two days after, I kept getting threats from even my friends asking me to produce 4m given by the governor. I kept wondering where they got the information that I received 4m when in actual fact I received 500,000.
6. I've managed to build a reputation around my name that I would rather die than let anything or anybody put a dent on it. Nobody is indispensable when it comes to protecting my name and reputation.
7. I hereby apologize to everybody who I've disappointed by my actions on Tuesday. This is a first for me and I've surely learnt my lessons. I'm really sorry.
8. For the people who've wasted no time in throwing tantrums, I deserve it and I hold nothing against you. If anything, this incidence has proven to me that nobody cares about you. They're only interested in what you offer them. Nobody has friends.
9. Once again, I'm sorry for disappointing y'all and if I went back in time, I would surely have acted differently but it's too late for that, isn't it?
10. To my friends who've been through hell defending me, and opting to listen to my own side of the story, I thank you and I appreciate the goodwill.
On this note, I hereby state that I never received 4m from anybody for whatever purpose and I stand by that. Thank you
I digress!
Virgin Kufre Carter
His apology isn't going well with the protesters in Uyo as many have taken to social media to unleash curses on him.

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