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Rudeboy (PSquare) - Fire Fire

Rudeboy (PSquare) - Fire Fire

One Half Of Defunct Nigerian Music Duo Paul Okoye a.k.a Rudeboy drops yet another Single titled ”FIRE FIRE” To Follow Up Nkenji Keke Which Was Released Earlier as he Kicks Off His solo career .


Listen and share your thought!!

DOWNLOAD: Rudeboy (PSquare) - Fire Fire

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Nov 16, 2017

Comments (76)

  • Schoalrsaid: 4 months ago

    Alway on point Rudeboy u Rude me tightttttt..

  • SUCREsaid: 4 months ago


  • Tim Owansaid: 4 months ago

    Its are rude bai!!!!kingrudy ohhhh on the beat ohh make you feel it ohhhh!!!!
    In case you don't knw its still #king- Rudy in the building!!!!! Were thou Mr DJ put it on the replay,heat up our feet ahhh fire them roof ahh!!! Dance me to d beat ahhh sexist mix ahhh!!!! ( no homo!!!!!!)

  • Nwa mikelsaid: 4 months ago

    Hallelujah na baba God dey do am

  • Fjsaid: 4 months ago

    I'm a fan of Psquare whether Paul or Peter but this Rude Boy didn't do it the way I expected. He performed the song like a beginner.

  • Nice!said: 4 months ago


  • Queensaid: 4 months ago

    Wow this is amazing

  • Ifyladonsaid: 4 months ago

    I dey craze for the song jare! Paul you are the bomb

  • Leviathansaid: 4 months ago

    maddddd jam, u killed it king ruddy

  • Auzbensaid: 4 months ago

    omo dis one bad

  • Kolosaid: 4 months ago

    Rudeboy is psquare sabi boy.. Fire them....

  • Precioussaid: 4 months ago

    Wow... that is the voice , good song

  • DJ OKEYsaid: 4 months ago

    I pray one day dem we be back together... #Istandwithp.square. 1love all frm DJ okey

  • Jeffrey Morrisonsaid: 4 months ago

    Correct brother,finish it

  • RALIOsaid: 4 months ago

    i love d song bro

  • Omosaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one

  • Juliettsaid: 4 months ago


  • Mickysaid: 4 months ago

    This is wat we call full tym competition
    Well p- square I knw

  • Chinedutimssaid: 4 months ago

    Nice Rudboy bo hitup no shakking #On Point

  • PREDICTOR D BADOsaid: 4 months ago


  • Ifeanyisaid: 4 months ago

    Mr. P and Rudeboy separate songs are not up to standard. They will go no where singing separately. Let them continue to waste their time. Psquare we know. Psqaure we understand, and Psquare we enjoy.

  • Gabrielasaid: 4 months ago

    All this songs u guy's are signing separately are not sweet atall#de one u both sing is more sweater. u guys should reconcile and be one pls

  • Ameri Nationsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice and hot jazz

  • NANICEEsaid: 4 months ago

    Tight....... Nice one R. B..... expect more from you....

  • Nash brownsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one u get dere keep it up

  • Kaisa (DJ FLEX)said: 4 months ago

    you song is good and sweet but boo if u people are having some Mather please boo u people should settle it for we your fans sack

  • VINOsaid: 4 months ago

    the song nah gbagam

  • Amake Godwinsaid: 4 months ago

    Rudeboy u guys need to come togetder

  • Show boy,the Singersaid: 4 months ago

    Pls you guys are my best musical ,most especially you paul ,I love every thing about you,but you guys should come back together, just over look him,he is a kid ok,I love you music anytime any day

  • Huttonsaid: 4 months ago

    fire fire

  • Onyekachukwu, Airflex bsaid: 4 months ago

    Love the reading of the song, nice one

  • Jerry1said: 4 months ago

    Infact naija muzik de make me hapi

  • VHandssaid: 4 months ago

    Timaya talk say Paul is the Realer

  • Chukzsaid: 4 months ago

    Chiii, Rude Boy you're the best... keep it up the boss...

  • EBUKA JBYsaid: 4 months ago

    My favorite psqaure the rude boy, pls u are the best

  • Houston ameachisaid: 4 months ago

    Wow.always on point att any point in time

  • Josesaid: 4 months ago

    Nice song but wish you all the best to go back and do more nicer songs.

  • Pussysaid: 4 months ago

    Good song

  • Ifiniti Dsaid: 4 months ago

    This track did what it says on the tin (FIRE FIRE). It is rude as it is monstrous. I will neva stop listening to it u no y? Becos NA GOD DEY DOAM. Rudeboy u nailed it ride on HALLELUJAH.

  • Rose from ugsaid: 3 months ago

    Nice hit ever????????

  • Khohiek dopesaid: 3 months ago

    Comment. nice make mie feel amazing

  • Mpire Kazy -f am a song writer and rappersaid: 3 months ago

    the song na blast!!!!!! but we want you guys to settle back, thanks

  • Jackson Edwinsaid: 3 months ago

    Just rocking this jamz with my 10 months sweet baby girl sitting in the front row of the car and she really can't stop throwing her head up and down with a pretty smile of over her face..... i rate this jamz 5 star. ..

  • Kingsleysaid: 3 months ago

    Comment is good for use

  • Star mansaid: 3 months ago

    bring ur hand, how much do u need

  • Flex b.birinyasaid: 3 months ago


  • Jay-Rsaid: 3 months ago

    Dis Dope Joor

  • # david attohsaid: 3 months ago

    it seems itching and fishing that de two brothers in the game viz psquare are in a words apart and actually arms length from each other doing things separately de 2 privilege brothers used to be de fountain up bringers of music primitively in Nigeria when we talk of vibes music..... I pray for a bond of unity for de 2brodas

  • Joking tzsaid: 3 months ago

    was good

  • Precious iheanachosaid: 3 months ago

    rude boy u are my greatest fan in the world I love u nd ur music I don't joke with u pls I want u nd ur twin bro to come back together please because am also a twin like u guys Whyte cater precious that my name

  • Maxwellsaid: 3 months ago

    U are wonderfull

  • Wizzysaid: 3 months ago

    Commentpaul u be d blast

  • Goldsaid: 3 months ago

    luving diz jam

  • Oscar Williamssaid: 3 months ago

    Yea yea...
    So fantastic
    Rude boy keep it on
    God is with u bro ????????????

  • Waltersaid: 3 months ago

    Comment Nice

  • GOLDENsaid: 3 months ago

    nice song

  • GOLDENsaid: 3 months ago

    nice song

  • Stephen Remdosaid: 2 months ago

    Correct song Rudeboy.

  • Adaezesaid: 2 months ago

    please forget whatever is between you guys and get back again happiness and togetherness is the best I know u guys as p square reconcile reconcile reconcile

  • Mr universesaid: 2 months ago

    Mr P and Rudeboy is just like the two sides of a coin. Their value can only be applauded when joined together.
    Team work pays!

    Pls comentors,our interest here should be to restore peace to people that nature,and only nature knows why both share same womb,breast,talent and even many intangibles that are unknown to us.


  • Eazysaid: 2 months ago


  • Mezzysaid: 2 months ago

    Comment this is a good one

  • Kennedysaid: 2 months ago

    So nice

  • Titussaid: 2 months ago

    Wow i luv the song

  • Kasho Williamssaid: 2 months ago

    This got me dancing whole day

  • [email protected]said: one month ago

    so so fantastic

  • Atiku godfreysaid: one month ago

    chelsea 1-1 fc barcelona

  • Omopsaid: one month ago

    nice song especially the beat..... hope to see you guys back together again..... one love

  • Gibson Crawusaid: one month ago

    So admiring

  • MACHIDO BELLO SKsaid: 4 weeks ago

    CHE 2:3 BARCA

  • Nelsonsaid: 3 weeks ago

    i like the music

  • Joy okokonsaid: 3 weeks ago

    Comment I wish u did diz together wit mr p...i really love to c u both perform.. Psquare we ur fans want u back

  • Franklin chigozie (Gozmok)said: 3 weeks ago

    I lov ur music paul, but were is your brother pita

  • Bobbysaid: 3 weeks ago

    Nice song, Keep it up, PAUL

  • IYKEsaid: 2 weeks ago


  • HARRY BANTYsaid: 2 weeks ago

    Comment GOOD

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