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P-Square – Away

P-Square – Away

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Feb 13, 2017

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  • Jamessaid: 3 months ago


  • Modestsaid: 3 months ago

    Comment Good to be here, I love u guys songs

  • Junaidsaid: 3 months ago

    Never let your angry to destroy your talent keep going naija for life

  • Deejay santossaid: 3 months ago

    very nice song is nice having this talent

  • Asantewa elohorsaid: 3 months ago

    Nice song and I love it. Keep it up my favorite stars????????????????

  • DJ MOSESsaid: 3 months ago

    what a nice music

  • Anitasaid: 2 months ago


  • Prince CHIYE boyesaid: 2 months ago

    P.s big boys nice music

  • Sadiq wali naibawa kanosaid: 2 months ago

    tank p2

  • De Nomsunsaid: 2 months ago

    nice song, keep it up

  • Chuks Psaid: 2 months ago

    na so. p2

  • Damolasaid: 2 months ago


  • Afamefuna Igwilosaid: 2 months ago

    nice music my brothers one love

  • Ifyblazesaid: 2 months ago

    thumb up for u guys, u killed it

  • Suzysaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one

  • DJ D.S.Ksaid: 2 months ago


  • Chezzysaid: 2 months ago

    Runtown mad over you soundtrack.

  • Eugenesaid: 2 months ago

    So, cool

  • Jumiasaid: 2 months ago

    i love you

  • Young emir t.gsaid: 2 months ago

    is only full can say no this it is absolutly foultnessless

  • Professor Sorious in Sierra Leonesaid: 2 months ago

    Nice music my favorite, keep it up!!

  • Dannielle sailassaid: 2 months ago

    Comment I like and enjoy your music guys

  • Sir teemike babysaid: 2 months ago

    i love psquare I love Naija artist am also an upkumin artist,but I pray to God not to be a upcoming artist forever,,,pls google my single #Baby why?by Teemike,thank you please share

  • Tianasaid: 2 months ago

    nice song.... loving u guys the more

  • Prince Josephsaid: 2 months ago

    I love you guys

  • Ademola Taofeek Adewalesaid: 2 months ago

    In a mood of appreciation, I commend your efforts in putting this site in place for unlimited enjoyment of everyone, you are remarkable _ATA... Itesiwaju tooto

  • Joshua adahsaid: 2 months ago

    Comment i we like to appreciate god first for making it possible for us his creatures ,and for dey musician i we like to thank u alot for ur effort towards music industry u peaple have been trying so also a up growing artist my name is joshua adah idoma by tribe and ma artist name is kizzyboi and i have 2track (my love and biggy man)

  • Mathewsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one I love it keep it up

  • Mathewsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one I love it keep it up

  • S.I.Abdullahisaid: 2 months ago

    Good to see you guys together again.Nyc Song.Keep Moving

  • Fanz psaid: 2 months ago

    Comment great work of art bro

  • Christophersaid: 2 months ago

    Comment this is my top naija music psquare olamide pyhno timaya flavour sarkodie wizke ayo

  • Michaelsaid: 2 months ago

    I love u guys songs n I urge u guys to do More

  • Kamy_lilysaid: 2 months ago

    P square never discourage us at all,they do good music..Away is super dope..

  • Theisaid: 2 months ago


  • Alexis Mooresaid: 2 months ago

    Wanna download music

  • Rankingsaid: 2 months ago

    Thank for all unah sweetest new album
    i love u all bt Wizkid i stand for u...

  • Prospersaid: 2 months ago

  • Abigailsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one guyz....keep d flag flying

  • DUMELO DEEsaid: 2 months ago

    Long live psquare,music never dise.keep it up big boys,God bless u guys for the great talent.

  • Anthony morfleesaid: 2 months ago

    Comment nice songs and I love it all ..... keep it up

  • Themmy.said: 2 months ago

    God blessed u p.square#niceone bro#nice single.

  • Miraclesaid: 2 months ago

    It's just so mush amezing

  • Felix orarasaid: 2 months ago

    nice songs

  • Joysaid: 2 months ago

    I never stop loving you guys, your the best of the best me. Keep the flag up guys

  • Official young fazesaid: 2 months ago

    no one boss

  • Raksboysaid: 2 months ago

    Nice 1 guys God will continue to to protect u guys this song is berry nice keep growing ur talent so that ur children's will pick from u guys

  • Raksboysaid: 2 months ago

    Nice 1 guys God will continue to to protect u guys this song is berry nice keep growing ur talent so that ur children's will pick from u guys

  • The bestsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one my big bros and idles. You guys made us proud.I wish to be like u in the future.

  • Azi fancysaid: 2 months ago

    what is mad over u all about?

  • Sarahsaid: 2 months ago

    awww....I so fucking love this song.... so romantic.... the beats kills me d most....

  • Juphynosaid: 2 months ago

    nice one big guyz always coming out with something differend love u guyz

  • Nieyo Godfrey agwusaid: 2 months ago

    I love it and I par to be a star one day 2

  • Joe philsaid: 2 months ago

    Even in d hardest tyms,I'll always support u guys... Luv u guys 2 d fullest.

  • C Antennasaid: 2 months ago

    Good songs my guys keep it up

  • Sadiq abdoulsaid: 2 months ago

    Waw!!!! A fantastic one

  • Rhawlingssaid: 2 months ago

    nice song for sure

  • Laskidsaid: 2 months ago

    luv u guyz,kp it up

  • Alfusainey trawally from Gambiasaid: 2 months ago

    Comment nice song keep it up p square

  • Breezesaid: one month ago

    Nice but no dance

  • Manzi Oscarsaid: one month ago

    i like africans musics mostly from nigeria lagos!!

  • Ashimolowosaid: one month ago

    U guys are too much nice song

  • Big Sunnysaid: one month ago

    U guys are too much

  • Benjaneysaid: one month ago

    cute one i like that

  • Stanleysblog.comsaid: one month ago

    Psquare just never goes away

  • Jaydot.said: one month ago

    best of the best,no one like song kip it up

  • Yung mayorsaid: one month ago

    love it lyk madt

  • A .k.A. Charlex smart.said: one month ago

    Comment u guy's are so amazing keep it up guy's

  • Franksaid: one month ago


  • Eminent Onyekwe Igsaid: one month ago

    D song na die

  • Vickydukesaid: one month ago

    wow ma role model PSQUARE u guys are dope lv everything abt u guys

  • Giftsaid: one month ago

    nice one guys,love u guys so much

  • Blesskensaid: one month ago

    nt cool songs kip it up

  • Gift from cross river state.said: 4 weeks ago

    I like dem all

  • Djmathsaid: 4 weeks ago

    i love the lyric

  • Dahood jamiusaid: 4 weeks ago

    I like ur song

  • Winniesaid: 4 weeks ago

    Nice song the twin cuties...thumbs up

  • Nombuleloncube25said: 4 weeks ago

    Woow sweet songs

  • Clarasaid: 3 weeks ago

    100% naija this is very lovely nice song

  • EXPENSIVEsaid: 3 weeks ago

    Comment from d biginig of p square music i so much love dem and i wish to be like dem peter and paul okoye u guys are 2derful. by EXPENSIVE

  • Mine starz odjegbasaid: 3 weeks ago

    Comment music is dope keep it up

  • Magasaid: 3 weeks ago

    lovely song keep it up

  • Nelsonsaid: 3 weeks ago

    I love seen the both of you together

  • Vickyberrysaid: 3 weeks ago

    Commenti love ur music...e make sence

  • Jaidysaid: 2 weeks ago

    I really lyk yr music guys and soon i cn be yr friends, i wana be a mudic player bt stl i wl be, all the way into Namibia. My contact 0818198428

  • Victorsaid: 2 weeks ago

    nice one

  • Foskido Gunplaysaid: 2 weeks ago

    loving this song.......

  • Humblesaid: 2 weeks ago

    I like u guys looking so cute

  • Humblesaid: 2 weeks ago

    I like u guys looking so cute

  • Ufuomasaid: 2 weeks ago

    I donno, I just can't get d song out of my head

  • Donsaid: 2 weeks ago

    This song its all i need to get my girl closer

  • Pethias Zambiasaid: one week ago

    guyz you are the in Africa all the way

  • Rifunji Fridaysaid: one week ago

    i relly love this song, in fact keep it up p square.....

  • Prince Jamessaid: one week ago

    So tendering, it takes me back to ur oldies msc one love my niggies nd one mind

  • Thompson kisssaid: one week ago

    timaya i Love ur songs

  • Nwedu chekwubesaid: 7 days ago

    this is the hottest music

  • Irenesaid: 6 days ago

    I love ur music

  • Ella Jonathansaid: 6 days ago

    Nice job guys,u're doing great

  • !cesaid: 4 days ago

    Never let you you guys are the best ever

  • David pablosaid: 3 days ago

    I love u guys keep it up

  • Mr pagesaid: 2 days ago

    well keep doing what you have been given #naija music love all the way from south africa

  • Clemssaid: 2 days ago

    Nice one duo

  • Dcsaid: 2 days ago

    Thanks a lot for putting up this site.

  • Chidimmasaid: 22 hours ago

    Love u PS

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