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Mr P - Cool It Down

Mr P - Cool It Down

Peter Okoye of the now obsolete duo P-Square kick-starts his solo career as Mr P with this brand new singe titled “Cool It Down”

The song was released under Mr P’s new label P Classic Records.

Listen Up Below:

DOWNLOAD: Mr P - Cool It Down

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Oct 22, 2017

Comments (59)

  • Okhypesaid: 6 months ago

    Nice one

  • Okhypesaid: 6 months ago

    Nice song, coming late from here though..

  • YoungBsaid: 6 months ago


  • Trapped hrtsaid: 6 months ago


  • Kobokosaid: 6 months ago

    Nice one

  • Super usaid: 6 months ago

    Comment you are much mr p

  • Aki Jacksaid: 6 months ago

    Well done Mr p

  • Sexyifysaid: 6 months ago

    You are just too much

  • Lynesaid: 6 months ago


  • Itz John on the beatsaid: 6 months ago

    Nice one man keep it up don't worry you will soon blow

  • Victoriasaid: 5 months ago

    Mad hits. I love it..

  • Tomiegoldsaid: 5 months ago


  • Joel X2said: 5 months ago

    Nice one Mr P make us feel happy by coming together with bro let brotherly love continue# one love

  • Talentsaid: 5 months ago

    nice one

  • Nancy Obedsaid: 5 months ago

    Nice one mr p you can do it
    but you and your bro should reconcile plsease even if you guys don't want to sing together just make peace with each so you both can be successful in your various field
    God bless you guys.

  • Collins boysaid: 5 months ago

    Hi nice one but reconciliation first

  • Enola Nyfemisaid: 4 months ago

    Commenti love dis song is amazing

  • Felixsaid: 4 months ago

    Comment its nice song bro

  • Vibesmusic.mlsaid: 4 months ago

    nice one..

  • Kay bsaid: 4 months ago

    Gud music

  • Joshuasaid: 4 months ago

    Commentboost brain

  • Julie.jsaid: 4 months ago

    I love u all,niez one dear

  • Andersonsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one Mr P

  • Hensisdona Smithsaid: 4 months ago

    Comment I have always had flares for this guy, wonderful music!

  • ABEL Gsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one Mr p

  • Mi sokunzysaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one

  • Koke 2 Flrxysaid: 4 months ago


  • Emmanuelsaid: 4 months ago

    Good music to listen well dorn Mr P.

  • Topwizsaid: 4 months ago

    I love this

  • Emmanuel MAZZYsaid: 4 months ago

    nice one Mr p I still remained your man

  • Micky Basseysaid: 3 months ago

    Don't judge Mr P, he is a good singer/best dancer. Keep it up Mr P

  • Yung tazisaid: 3 months ago

    good luck bro work extra harder and do better than before

  • JOHN DANIELSsaid: 3 months ago

    Peter and paul please be together as before

  • Mubaraksaid: 3 months ago

    mice one

  • Ultimatesaid: 3 months ago

    cool it down is one of the cool music ever have in town, so kul,watch out de video den see sweet dance from Mr.p n co.infact u ar so specialize in it.

  • Joseph Tochukwusaid: 3 months ago

    As for me I won't say it again twin are twin
    Mr P and Rude boy better settle your dispute before the end of march or u both will have to face poverty judgement. Love u both. Nigeria biggest duo. Nice and cool music

  • Donstarjmn1said: 3 months ago

    Hola mr.p never in life forget that bloody is thicker then water,no matter what you should come together and be the the p-squre that we no #one love keep us together

  • Cool it downsaid: 3 months ago

    Mister p

  • Samuelsaid: 3 months ago

    Comment good but we want psquare god just created u two perfectly for long I have not be able to sing psquare songs

  • Mr Brownsaid: 3 months ago

    I love my naija music with all my heart

  • Onyemasaid: 3 months ago

  • Edwinsaid: 3 months ago

    the best I can ever say is come together, nobody know pass, just google "MESSAGE TO YOU GUY BY PRIEST GENTLE " and hear the message guy sent you and ur brother, ur togetherness is the best my link below to hear the message to u and ur Brother.

  • Obediencesaid: 3 months ago

    mr p well done i feel ur music try to work hard and pls try to settle d issue among u and ur brother pls bcoz i really love both of u pls dnt let devil win u and ur brother heart ,pls nd pls read dis Bible verse James chapter 4 vs 11tnx

  • Na Godsaid: 3 months ago

    I Love This Sound

  • Ryansaid: 2 months ago

    I like the song

  • Siggysaid: 2 months ago

    bros u try no be some.plz try and reconcer with ur brother

  • Chrissaid: 2 months ago

    sweet song

  • Harbexsaid: 2 months ago

    What's wrong cant download here anymore

  • M Jay dealsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one sir you look so beautiful, God will bless you always. I'm also a musician. I'm from anambra state. I can sing and rap and dance. If you can me reach my dreams. I will be very happy sir. God bless you

  • Daddysaid: 2 months ago

    Like this music

  • Kendricksaid: 2 months ago

    cool it down

  • Aaron Nebosaid: one month ago

    Nice music but I want you people come back together as one

  • Money nafutisaid: one month ago

    Nice 1

  • El CASHMANIAsaid: one month ago

    Comment Mr P.Ur so great nice song but please reconcile with your blood

  • Michael wilsonsaid: 3 weeks ago

    nice one

  • Michellesaid: 2 weeks ago

    I love it

  • Donsaid: one week ago

    We want p-square, not Mr p or rude boi

  • Aule K Katorsaid: 7 days ago

    Ooo My God That Great Music

  • KINGSLEYsaid: 2 days ago

    nice music
    but please come together with your brother

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