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Kiss Daniel - Mama (Prod. by Young John)

Kiss Daniel - Mama (Prod. by Young John)

On 1st of May, 2016, G-Worldwide Entertainment act Kiss Daniel will release his much-anticipated first studio album NEW ERA.

Ahead of the album’s official drop, the afro pop sensation has shared the bubbly new single “Mama” produced by prolific music producer Young John “The Wicked Producer” which comes as just the latest single from NEW ERA, following the inescapable “Good Time” single.

In support of the album, Kiss Daniel will be having a concert at the prestigious Eko Hotel on 15th of May, 2016 alongside other supporting A’list artiste for his Album Concert.

DOWNLOAD: Kiss Daniel - Mama (Prod. by Young John)

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Apr 04, 2016

Comments (218)

  • Deyoung said: 2 years ago


  • Anonymoussaid 2 years ago

    Download this wonderful remix. Where are you
    now ft Justin Bieber produced by up and
    coming producer @ovatonez.
    Get this free download!

  • Kalusaid: 2 years ago


  • Sandraphilipssaid: 2 years ago

    extra hot

  • Adasaid: 2 years ago


  • Deejcheezesaid: 2 years ago

    Trademark Kiss Daniel track. Like the fact that he's carving out a niche for himself. Keep doing your thing bruv! #tightjoint

  • Nistasaid: 2 years ago

    Love you so much always so outstanding!

  • 08038887840said: 2 years ago

    twaleh 4 u kiss, keep it on

  • Adasaid: 2 years ago

    I luv dis

  • AK OLAMOTHERsaid: 2 years ago


  • Iketoo. Dem mba basaid: 2 years ago

    I love it kip it up broz

  • Olumidesaid: 2 years ago

    Nice song

  • Moses juliussaid: 2 years ago

    kiss daniel

  • Dabyysaid: 2 years ago

    nice song

  • Mervynsaid: 2 years ago

    very nice

  • Elishasaid: 2 years ago

    Take to me

  • Celeprincesaid: 2 years ago

    it real

  • Adeolusaid: 2 years ago

    love it

  • Abiodunsaid: 2 years ago

    I just like am

  • Tarishasaid: 2 years ago

    luv it wow is d best

  • MERCY JOHNSON said: 2 years ago

    I lv it

  • Evasaid: 2 years ago


  • Ehinafe temidayosaid: 2 years ago

    Kiss do is the best among orthers

  • Ontte mary ansaid: 2 years ago

    Gud one

  • Precious Iroegbusaid: 2 years ago

    i love dis music

  • Zirahsaid: 2 years ago

    kiss well done,love dis like.... kilode

  • Charliesaid: 2 years ago

    I will be faithful n making it up to u is my
    priority... Charlie malum

  • 08180461064said: 2 years ago

    Kiss keep it up,i luv ur patan may God help u in ur broda

  • 08180461064said: 2 years ago

    Kiss keep it up,i luv ur patan may God help u in ur broda

  • Shivonsaid: 2 years ago

    I love this jare! Over rating!!!! Am down for you kiss boo!!

  • Simplesaid: 2 years ago

    Kiss.. is ur guy Simple...i love u mehn it up.

  • Lordwilzsaid: 2 years ago

    Watsup,,,Daniel we started from d street nw u ar running d city,thoz were d days hard work 4ever pays nw i see in a better place,keep it up bro

  • Petersaid: 2 years ago

    Love dis jam meh,nce wone my mentor,i pray we meet one day sha

  • Treasure isaid: 2 years ago

    I luv you????

  • Jennysaid: 2 years ago

    So lovely keep it up

  • Yetundesaid: 2 years ago

    I love d song, d video, and beat.infant I love everything abt it.keep it up

  • Bottlessaid: 2 years ago

    Kiss na dj bottles ur guy u don blow 4get about me abi call dis number i get sometin 4u 08143074566

  • Dip-ceesaid: 2 years ago

    kiss,u killed it man
    kip aiming at the sky

  • Raph psaid: 2 years ago

    I luv dat jam nigga,i feel lyk doing a remix wit u and if u lyk u call my num.09054804673

  • Katesaid: 2 years ago

    d song is great, more grace to ur elbow

  • Tejirisaid: 2 years ago

    nice one

  • Stephen Paulsaid: 2 years ago

    Kiss you slayd the shit outta this beat with a gift giving voice. Can wait to be playing this song with my bae in the car...Nigeria,see you in a bit.

  • Mr cigarosaid: 2 years ago

    kaiiii na u b d baba I deh feel u die d song deh enta my body thanks man u d bxt

  • Somi boysaid: 2 years ago

    nice music from nice guy keep it up bro

  • Somi boysaid: 2 years ago

    nice music from nice guy keep it up bro

  • Godwin Dennissaid: 2 years ago

    kiss dan my man u are good am ur fans, can u make a lyrics song 4 me calling the name godwin and grace as lovers to be? pls i will appreciate only ur voice can make it sound better thanks

  • Jaccie blaizsaid: 2 years ago

    well done fresh niggur..keep it up...4rm General Blaiz#Team ORCS

  • Godswillsaid: 2 years ago

    Like that

  • Frienzzysaid: 2 years ago

    from the moment that I heard kiss Daniel song #woju I knew you ae a start among stars... keep it up man. it's a nice single (MAMA)....

  • Benniesaid: 2 years ago

    So much love ur songs
    Kiss thumb up for u

  • Blessingsaid: 2 years ago

    It's a new era no doubt # thumbs up#

  • OBI SLENDOURsaid: 2 years ago


  • Dropsaid: 2 years ago

    Tight track kiss daniel..keep it up

  • Adeolasaid: 2 years ago

    I love it ,its an understatement

  • Happinesssaid: 2 years ago

    Best of all

  • Empress Vidasaid: 2 years ago

    it was wonderful performance... I remain ur fan kiss daniel

  • Prechisaid: 2 years ago

    I love the song

  • Emmawhitesaid: 2 years ago

    I love kiss Daniel music

  • Emma white 08105779676 I am a guy barbersaid: 2 years ago

    Brother I won b up boy plus I luv up song much did one mama email from box my head

  • Theophilussaid: 2 years ago

    we love you kiss ..keep it up


  • Esthersaid: 2 years ago

    I love the song. its wonderful and mheeen you are too cute

  • Nsa Ekpenyong nsasaid: 2 years ago

    I like ur songs .keep it on

  • Presh queensaid: 2 years ago

    i love youuuuuu horluwatobiloba @ kissybaba

  • Yna naijasaid: 2 years ago

    This song is beautiful thumbs up for you

  • Kenneth Davidsaid: 2 years ago

    I Lyk Dy Song Nd I Wish U Wil Do Mre Dan Diz Nex Tym

  • Don blizzysaid: 2 years ago

    I really love d song,especially dis syd DAT say I won't lite u BT I can lie 4 u and if am 2 choose gal I choose u,if am 2 loose gal I want 2 loose wit u....kiss Daniel good work kip it on..make Nigerians proud...nice one dear

  • Alexsaid: 2 years ago

    what a lovely trck

  • Godwin Henrysaid: 2 years ago

    Kiss d u too much, u make me and my girl fall over n over again

  • Richardsaid: 2 years ago

    nice one kiss boy

  • AHMEDsaid 2 years ago

    Your Comment:One of the best nice one kiss,i feel u.

  • Gospowersaid: 2 years ago

    I love dis music so much nice& beautiful

  • Habson naomisaid: 2 years ago

    i so very much in love it

  • Ellasaid: 2 years ago

    I love ur songs kiss daniel , ur d best

  • Oritsebemighosaid: 2 years ago

    U just 2much Bro

  • Direxjoesaid: 2 years ago

    dis song is 1 of d best in d industry I tank God 4 boi kiss 4 bringing dis lovely song and d beat I hope u drop more dat is far beta than dis 1 called @[email protected] still having good time wit ur mama

  • Pelumisaid: 2 years ago

    a wonderful song

  • Shontelsaid: 2 years ago

    gud 1 kiss......kip it proud of u

  • S.kidsaid: 2 years ago

    Ba'a su kala.nice 1,u d best keep it on 4 me bro.

  • Thank Godsaid: 2 years ago

    what a nice song, i like d song, nice one brother is you n no one elsy kiss daniel

  • Maza babasaid: 2 years ago

    nice music I love it

  • Esther Chile Adelesaid: 2 years ago

    This music drives me crazy, I love it.

  • Raph Johnsaid: 2 years ago

    It's nice one I luv de song die keep it up kiss daniel.ur gr&t fans

  • Abimzsaid: 2 years ago

    Very nice performance may God blesd ur effort,i love all, abut ur tracks,most mama

  • Adunola2Porschesaid: 2 years ago

    Lovely one

  • Precious tawarisaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:the song is so good i love it

  • Osikoya oyindamolasaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:the music was fantastic and touching

  • BECKYsaid: 2 years ago


  • Fadekemisaid: 2 years ago

    the song is full love and passion more grace kiss muah

  • Onuh danielsaid: 2 years ago

    I love they song

  • Ayoolasaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:Nice one

  • Oche josephsaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:it is good and wonderful

  • Sunday Morenikejisaid: 2 years ago

    Nothing like this for now d best

  • Kaygoldsaid: 2 years ago

    Creative and touching...

  • Tessysaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:Cool! i love it. Keep it up.

  • Eniolasaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:very lovely

  • Jovitasaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:dis song is realy kul

  • Sunday sunnysaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:I Like nija music very much and our music is very intresting.

  • Synboliksaid: 2 years ago

    Gbam! Confam!!

  • NELLYsaid: 2 years ago

    Your Comment:NIZ 1

  • Omobolanleesaid: 2 years ago

    I luv him so mush

  • Tammzysaid: 2 years ago

    Many people like this song .I like it too

  • Oliver mandesaid: 2 years ago

    i love music entertaiment

  • Addi Mullah Stullahsaid: 2 years ago

    I like the song but Nigerian songs almost sounds the same...same beat same everything

  • Hoodrulesaid: 2 years ago

    Cool jam

  • ADESOLAsaid: 2 years ago


  • Peacesaid: 2 years ago

    luvly song

  • Nwankwo mmesomasaid: 2 years ago

    kiss daniel ur so lovely nd admiring nd so is ur song so romantic nd sweet.keep it up dear.we d world will always stand by u.dnt be scared move on nd keep it up.dnt let women to deceive u or be d cause of ur failure.i wish u success in ur endeavour.i pra dat u be d best singer next year nd i assure u dat b d grace of god.always pray for d best..

  • Patriciasaid: 2 years ago

    i love nigeria music

  • Keturasaid: 2 years ago

    i never lyked ur song bt dis 1 is luvly i rilli luv it

  • Bolanlesaid: 2 years ago

    Love this song... and this Wizkid's new song Shabba here

  • Stephenisaid: 2 years ago

    interesting as always

  • Albert chinonsosaid: 2 years ago

    bigup to u kiss, keep it up

  • Oluwatoyinsaid: one year ago

    i love the song so mush u are real outstanding kiss daniel

  • Timesaid: one year ago

    I love the song, but I was actually expecting the girl to die.

  • EBUKASONsaid: one year ago

    kiss Daniel keep it up bcos I love all your songs it's me

  • Eboigbe o victorysaid: one year ago

    I love all d musical's dis year..especiali mama by kiss daniel nd teckno were..nd others..more grace o to all superstar.

  • Kaitlinsaid: one year ago


  • Christinasaid one year ago

    I love kiss Daniel very much cause his so awesome. His giving me confidence to sing like him... ????????????????????

  • Eniolasaid: one year ago

    M so in love with dis song.i actually wish i was d gal but i wouldn't wish to be involved in an accident.but then dis song z killing it like what?!!!.....

  • Timayasaid: one year ago

  • Lydiasaid: one year ago

    It a great song keep it up kiss I remain ur fans too i can't stop listening to it it my top song

  • CeeGeeksaid: one year ago

    Its Quite CooL


  • Princesssaid: one year ago

    The music is pretty cool....

  • 09074846936 Tinasaid: one year ago

    kiss u ar one in a million guy, if no one will giv u dat crown God will u made fill so much in luv. u voice trigger s one emotion 4 luv keep it up kiss Dan, m ur fans.

  • Liliansaid: one year ago

    I love this music, keep it up Kiss

  • Queen Elizabethsaid: one year ago

    Nice one sign me

  • Ceetubesaid: one year ago


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  • Fridaysaid: one year ago

    call me on.08146820317.

  • Okeke chidoziesaid: one year ago

    Comment it is avery fine musuc

  • Mr gentlesaid: one year ago

    Comment I wish to be like u kiss Daniel...

  • Deyolou. 07066122690said: one year ago

    Nice music

  • Richard Tizzy -08167301124said: one year ago

    i Love dis song so much you can chat with dis number to here my owm song

  • Tukisssaid: one year ago

    I love dis music

  • Angelsaid: one year ago

    I love you so much KISS

  • Opanka oR on4said: one year ago

    Good 1n guy

  • Alicesaid: one year ago

    U are alway bless

  • Tashman Noksaid: one year ago

    Nice one bro.

  • Lazfelanysaid: one year ago

    The man

  • #RAPH FLEKsaid: one year ago

    nice 1 kiz.d ur songs jst..**fresh# am a rapper nd a singer hok me u at 2go wit freshboy1266

  • Jibreel adamsaid: one year ago

    nice song i love it

  • Adeyemisaid: one year ago

    The wait is over!!!

  • Yungdave...said: one year ago

    Really nice ..niga keep it up

  • BLEK J.seesaid: 12 months ago

    man that is go zambia gat your bac . Blek j.see hip hop boy

  • Daniel a k a kiss deeonesaid: 12 months ago

    I love u so much my name sake dis song makes me go mad evrytime i had it anywere am talking mama u na add it wit jumbo i love u nd ur song i pray for God to give u d strent to keep goin in life amen all i seek it's in you is ur boy daniel d second kiss daniel

  • Hassansaid: 12 months ago

    Nice song

  • Agasaid: 12 months ago

    Ur music z swt has ur name i love it en keep it up

  • Zynex omarsaid: 12 months ago

    D song is perfect kip it off waiting for more luv song

  • Jane Uzezisaid: 12 months ago

    I love talk me mama

  • Francesaid: 12 months ago

    I love it

  • Segunsaid: 12 months ago

    I love it my brother

  • Princesssaid: 12 months ago

    Love it

  • Isabelsaid: 12 months ago

    l love dis song die kiss daniel u dey too much and I pray for God to help u out to hit more hot song like dis ones.

  • Kemisaid: 12 months ago

    Nice song

  • 08128940937said: 12 months ago

    Best of all

  • Arnoldsaid: 12 months ago

    I luv mama by kiss Daniel

  • Henrietta nd Favoursaid: 12 months ago

    wow bad guy kudos

  • Damilaresaid: 12 months ago

    Mama The Best Music In The Year

  • Chizobasaid: 12 months ago

    I like kiss Daniel

  • Celiasaid: 11 months ago

    Love ur music kiss

  • Ibeawuchi victorsaid: 11 months ago

    kiss daniel is an Amazing singer.his songs have gone round the friends in abroad said the can't stop playing and watching his songs everyday.

  • Lil veezysaid: 11 months ago

    nice song kiss deniel

  • D~Rawsaid: 11 months ago

    o! shit I love it!!!

  • Faithsaid: 11 months ago

    Comment very interesting

  • Bryce Tanzaniasaid: 11 months ago

    hi guy congratulation your so great than other for me i like your song plz help me coz i like singing and i want to be music my god will help you and protect you werever you are i love so much kiss and i have three song and its better if i will sing with you my super man

  • Asue Mulemasaid: 11 months ago

    I Wish We Met Someday.

  • Akobundu Splendoursaid: 11 months ago

    Kudos Kiss Dan U Are Such A Nice Guy Keep It Up

  • Mercy monyeisaid: 11 months ago

    This song really got me in love with the artist.

  • Daniel ksaid: 11 months ago

    Nice song kiss

  • Jayyoungsaid: 11 months ago

    kiss Daniel baba

  • Adetounrerasaid: 11 months ago

    i love the song keep it up my celeb crush.

  • Wise kingsaid: 11 months ago

    Woooow awesome hot hit song

  • Christian petersaid: 11 months ago

    y wont i love it. i love it so much

  • Jairus Kornasaid: 11 months ago

    Kiss u are my favourite

  • Emmerichsaid: 11 months ago

    You are the best kiss.
    I love u.

  • Thundermansaid: 11 months ago

    nice song bro ur song is so emotional nd lovely

  • Josephsaid: 11 months ago


  • Aminasaid: 11 months ago

    I dey hale oh

  • Salumusaid: 11 months ago

    Nakupe sana

  • Spartan bwoysaid: 10 months ago

    kiss,,,,,,u rock ma chalo,i lyk it,big up to u kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David obi from lagossaid: 10 months ago

    Comment this song gives me inspiration whenever i listen to it. I love u my brother keep it on

  • Kehindesaid: 10 months ago

    This is best love song I love most that was composed by Kiss

  • Lawrentasaid: 10 months ago

    You are blessed

  • Jabie L Sheriffsaid: 10 months ago

    l want download videos

  • Jabie L Sheriffsaid: 10 months ago

    l want download video

  • Emeka Michaelsaid: 10 months ago

    Nice one, keep it up.

  • Hikmat shittusaid: 10 months ago

    Love dis

  • Joseph Matt (Zambia)said: 9 months ago

    Reach for the sky Daniel we love your music

  • Tony bibs mendosasaid: 9 months ago

    its a hit

  • Labenssaid: 9 months ago

    I love the song so much that it even make cry

  • Atobabysaid: 9 months ago

    nice one

  • Kings pencilsaid: 8 months ago

    U Are my favourite singer keep it up Nice track...

  • Mubarak USMANsaid: 8 months ago

    kiss Daniel I like all albums

  • Giftsaid: 8 months ago

    Massive!!! keep it up.. Come to Malawi at some point.

  • Akande Omotoyosisaid: 8 months ago

    Nice one

  • Akande toyosaid: 8 months ago

    Nice one and well done

  • Caplansaid: 8 months ago


  • Dalechi Amadisaid: 8 months ago

    I'm lovin' it.

  • Shadowsaid: 8 months ago

    I luv it

  • Jackiesaid: 7 months ago

    so inspire

  • Virginsaid: 7 months ago

    Comment i love the song.

  • Shomary masselesaid: 6 months ago

    Nigeria nice music I love yoy

  • Kiss Danielsaid: 6 months ago

    Like His Music n He rocks

  • Henry Nasilelesaid: 6 months ago

    I like his peAce of music

  • Lil Samsisaid: 6 months ago

    Kiss I like ur jam keep it up may jah jah go bless you i love u

  • Keddysaid: 5 months ago

    Real hit

  • Lady Keighsaid: 5 months ago

    I so luv dis guy called Kiss Dee u so rock my world with this luv songs nd ur marvelous voice keep it up.

  • Tgalsaid: 4 months ago

    Wow nice song is so touching I lv it

  • Mdksaid: 4 months ago

    Luv jam I lv it

  • Ikemonweresaid: 4 months ago

    It's the best song ever

  • 0556654534said: 4 months ago


  • Jennifersaid: 3 months ago

    Love the music

  • GEORGE NDEMsaid: 3 months ago


  • Linhlesaid: 3 months ago

    I lv it,keep it up guys

  • Nazir Genesaid: 3 months ago

    Love u kiss Daniel

  • Mariamsaid: 2 months ago

    Love it

  • Mkapasaid: 2 weeks ago

    You can

  • Esthersaid: 4 days ago


  • Prince mayorkunsaid: 3 days ago

    9ice one guy keep it on

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