Toby - Concrete Jungle

Nov 23, 2014| Albertflex | Leave A Comment

Overview: Toby - Concrete Jungle

In an excellent execution of composure, story-telling ability and all-round brilliance, TopNotch proudly presents their very own musical act, Toby, on his debut mix-tape, as he takes fans and music pundits alike on a journey of his mind; titled "Concrete Jungle," this 13-track mix-tape sees Toby give a personal account of struggles and battles to live the Nigerian dream. With production credits going to Yung Willis, KudayBeatz and Fresh Fingers, with features from Dapo Tuburna, Breade, Trick, Babtunz and a couple more, the "Concrete Jungle" boasts of conscious music, the kind that's been off the Nigerian music scene for a while now; gaining control of the listener's pleasure with his open critique of the Nigerian government, likewise delivering at some point, a hearty rendition, to taking account of God's role in his life and that of friends whilst still telling stories of gore and war, Toby sure goes all out on his debut mix-tape with notable tunes such as "Concrete Jungle," "Somebody Loves You," "Lamentations," "Morning Glory" and more - listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!