Pro'Meth - Phase II Mixtape

Pro'Meth - Phase II Mixtape

BebesticBebestic in January 25, 2017


Pro\'Meth releases new mistape titled Phase II MIxtape accompanied with 2 videos off the mixtape.\r\n\r\nIn his own words;\r\n\r\n\"With the success of the #Lostverses series on social media, notably the creative video remix of Wizkid\'s Daddy yo (which I still don\'t understand the sorcery behind), Pro\'Meth is set to drop a Mix-tape album titled Phase II on the 25th!\r\n\r\n\"During my University of Abuja days, I lived in an area called Phase II. A kinda quiet place with unpredictable and extremely dramatic people. This helped shape my sound so I named the tape after it.\" - Pro\'Meth\r\n\r\nListen and Enjoy



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