M.I Abaga - iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale)

M.I Abaga - iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale)

Overview: M.I Abaga - iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale)

“At this stage in my career and life, finding the time to record another Illegal Music was purely a labor of love. I hope that Nigerian HipHop will rise and claim its place at the table on Hip-Hop’s mount Olympus.

I would like to see a lot of rappers remix and recreate the song ‘The Box‘.

The team was GPLUS, Ckay and I. And I want to appreciate them for their love in making this ‘FREE’ project. LOL.

Fortitude, T3WMF, Black Child thank you. Yoye Hayba, thanks for being the A&R on this project. Toda Kafang, you are the greatest thanks for pushing me always. CC I got you always. TMXO and Yung Kheengz thank you for your contributions.

To the fans.. I love you #LoveYours.”
https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcd9loi81wmvm3a/M.I iLLegal Music 3.zip?dl=0

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