Giorgie Mccoy - Craving For Riches

Giorgie Mccoy - Craving For Riches

AlbertflexAlbertflex in November 01, 2013


Barely 3 months have passed since the release of Archiles' "Don't Let D High Waste" mix-tape and the entire RoofTop Crew's "Green White Green" mix-tape dropped, creating quite an enormous buzz on the streets and having it's fair share of the online community; the RoofTop Crew sure aren't slowing down as the issue out the 3rd mix-tape from their cabinet and this one is coming from their South-African based, young and gifted rapper, Giorgie McCoy. Currently studying Sound Engineering & Music Production in Pretoria, Giorgie McCoy who one day hopes to use his music as a weapon for humanity presents his debut mix-tape titled "Craving For Riches"; one thing about this young artiste is the fact that he does not limit himself as he talk about a variety of holdings, ranging from love to the everyday life career and life in general. He sure has got what it takes, carving a niche for himself with a confident-natured vocals adept to his works; the name Giorgie McCoy could go on to be another out of Africa, surging into the world. Preaching within his lyrics, Giorgie McCoy proves to be on the scene for the money and not the fame [blunt as he can be] but notwithstanding, he delivers top quality stuff ranging from the DJ Klem-produced "Team Work", to outstanding production works from Chill and Bekas Beat, alongside wonderfully crafted covers of some of the best works out there. He features crew members, Archiles and Cea$ar, as well as a couple of other brilliant young chaps on the "Craving For Riches" mix-tape; listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!



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