Dj Baddo - Best Of Lil Kesh Mix

Dj Baddo - Best Of Lil Kesh Mix

Dj Baddo - Best Of Lil Kesh Mix

BebesticBebestic in December 14, 2017


Here comes amazing mixtape of \"Lil Kesh\" ( Y.A.G.I ) Titled BEST OF LIL KESH Power By \"Dj Baddo\" ..\r\n\r\n\r\nThis Mixtape is a good combination of sounds and rhythms!!! Trust me Dj Baddo Is sooo on point \r\non this great work and you will enjoy this if you really truly Love Good Music.\r\n\r\nMust have Mixtape for all Lil kesh’s Fans!!!! \r\n\r\nTRACK LIST\r\n1. Lil kesh - Rora Interlude\r\n2. Lil Kesh - Lyrically \r\n3. Lil kesh - Igba Iponju \r\n4. Lil kesh - Don’t Judge Me \r\n5. Lil kesh - I No Well \r\n6. Lil Kesh - Fuck Shit Up \r\n7. Lil Kesh - Am I Mad\r\n8. Lil Kesh - Ishe \r\n9. Lil Kesh - Love Story \r\n10. Lil Kesh - Shele Gan Gan \r\n11. Lil Kesh - Sample\r\n12. Lil Kesh - No Fake Love \r\n13. Lil Kesh - Skiibii Dat \r\n14. Lil Kesh - Baby Flavor \r\n15. Lil Kesh - Rora\r\n16. Lil Kesh - gbese \r\n17. Lil Kesh - Blessings \r\n18. Lil Kesh - Ibile \r\n19. Lil Kesh - Is It Because I love You \r\n20. Lil Kesh - Bend Down Select \r\n21. Lil Kesh - Dami Si \r\n22. Lil Kesh - Efejoku\r\n23. Lil Kesh - semilore \r\n24. Lil Kesh - kojo \r\n25. Lil Kesh - Da Yan Mo\r\n26. Lil Kesh - Ladi \r\n27. Lil Kesh - Shoro niyen \r\n28. Lil Kesh - Last Card\r\n29. Lil Kesh - Problem Child\r\n30. Lil Kesh - Shoki Rmx \r\n31. Lil Kesh - Abija Wara\r\n32. Lil Kesh - Cause Trouble

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