DJ OP Dot - Best Of Madrina (Cynthia Morgan Mix)

DJ OP Dot - Best Of Madrina (Cynthia Morgan Mix)

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After the DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) Record and other popular Nigerian Artistes promise to bring back the popular Nigerian actress Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, popularly known by her previous stage name Cynthia Morgan, now Madrina, is a Nigerian born songwriter and singer. Her music is a fusion of pop, hip hop, dancehall and rap.
However, the popular Nigerian Disc Jockey - DJ OP Dot decided to jump on her music compilation which is specially dedicated to the rap queen - Cynthia Morgan (Madrina) titled "Best of Madrina (Cynthia Morgan Mix)  and this mix consists of her new and old music from latest year 2000's.
Finally, get your headphones and Bluetooth speaker ready to listen to this powerful music compilation brought to you by DJ OP Dot and
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1. Intro - DJ OP Dot - I Love Youuuuuu
2. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Porsche Panamera
3. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - One Blood
4. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - No Do
5. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Lion 
6. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Far Away
7. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - High High High 
8. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Keep
9. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Billion Dollar Woman 
10. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Twerk It
11. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - No Cameras 
12. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Diamond 
13. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Baby Mama
14. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - German Juice 
15. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Summer Time
16. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Bubble Up
17. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Simati Niya
18. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - I'm Taken 
19. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Acting Bad
20. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Come & Do
21. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Number One Lover
22. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Olowo
23. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - In Love
24. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Bad Girl Special 
25. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Ojoro
26. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Ejo Le Fe Ro
27. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Go Gaga
28. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Asampo
29. Madrina (Cynthia Morgan)  - Don't Break My Heart 
30. Outro - DJ OP Dot x Madrina (Cynthia Morgan) 

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