MI - King James

MI - King James

BebesticBebestic in September 20, 2014


Verse 1
Four years I’ve been away, still nothing this hot popping today.
Been holding out cos I’m done with the album
I should do a Beyoncé and drop it today
Still be a trending topic today,
Still flowing a provocative way
Still gonna blow this market away
And I brought Ice in like I’m baking a cake
Im killing vampires, nas Im raising the stakes
My paper situation blew like I was raised in the states
My album got nas heroic cos they saving the dates
and all you rappers Im back…
Youre dead
One thing I beg you, Jah bless me haters
Keep them alive so they can see when I am greater
Provide for them food so I can feast upon them later
Haters are minority, We are balling major
Verse 2
Call me King James, the LeBron of verses
Me versus you is worthless
I am he whom all you rappers worship
I do this right, na Im straight You all nas are cursive
you were rapping when I broke out your flow got me allergic
that MI flow is clean your whole style needs detergent,
and its urgent my returning, streets is feening, streets is yearning
its is a warning, climate is changing nigga Im global warming
I beez that nigga, honey, you hear that buzz you see me swarming
Verse 3
Yo! See me just gathering stamina
We been to Canada
we been to Ghana
Been balling in SA like bafana bafana
rocking that dolce and gabana,
Been taking shots like a camera,
no be rapping can kill me Im samurai
Killing myself if i want, but i dont want to I keep rapping on and on
Hip hop phenomenon, We balling Italian style like Inter Milan
Feel something coming on, third album coming MI is coming home
Get out my throne, get out my throne… wait. No one is sitting there
I understand, Nobody rapping can sit on my chair…
They can’t believe it
They can’t believe he’s still alive

Never be another me, like there’ll never be another you
Leaving y’all a memory, is all a n**a really tryna do
You don’t like me; I don’t care what you think
Taking shots at the king,just don’t spill nothing on my mink.
Best rapper alive
The best rapper alive…

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