Eclipse – Niké Canvas

Eclipse – Niké Canvas

BebesticBebestic in March 27, 2015
I do this for the money, the cheddar, the cheese boy
I do this from the heart, u ain’t better than me boy
Poverty is slavery, to hell with what it may seem
Best believe I’m free, I’m from a Bloodline of masons
Enough with the Q & A’s, that is not for you to say
I nack the beat as I feel am, skelewu or wuleske
For those of you who never wanna see this man illuminate
I just killed another joint, here’s something new for you to hate
Oloun!!! You rappers don’t impress me
Your flows are damn corny, your punchlines are thirsty
Sachie onu supu eba, zuzuru pu e’ba
GTFO nigga gbarie the door e’ba
Bad man in the place me a go rat-tat-tat
Dey won fi tighten up dem lace, me a say enough of that
Dem boys wanna battle, dem a want rap attack
One verse wey me drop, dem a catch heart attack
My minds racing, ain’t talking bout fast five
You rappers is all trash your records is ass whipe
With my past? I’m sorry I gats brag
Got my record deal off of freestyle, yes I’m that bad
Really you should know me now, you can never hold me down
And I’m the only rapper here that really is Phenomenal
I know my projects taking time well ego land but no be now.
But when my EP drop make i die if you no feel am


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