Dremo - Back To School Freestyle

Dremo - Back To School Freestyle

BebesticBebestic in February 27, 2018
[Intro]\r\nWhat’s up, what’s up?\r\nI go by the code name Dremo\r\nYou all know what time it is\r\nAyaya, we’ not going nowhere, turn up\r\n\r\n[Verse]\r\nCode name Dremo\r\nNiggher better get lightening Thunder\r\nASUU even can’t strike me\r\nI’m Mayweather, you fog, you won’t cease\r\nto let you be the first to leave with the Black Eyed Peas\r\nDon’t Test me you can’t pass\r\nI’m not your baby, did you see me wearing Diapers?\r\n\r\nGbege don mess, Yawa don gas\r\nYour girlfriend behaved here oh\r\nDey for Math-Set, cos na she dey Compass\r\nShe get my contact, she want to come house\r\nShe dey my compound Update\r\nComot her off-white, she start to off pants\r\nI’m ’bout to off light Update\r\nBut you boys say you fly, okay, how fly?\r\nBros! Cos anytime I raid the area,\r\nall I see is dead housewives yuke, puke\r\n\r\nAnd I’d be steady sharing this swag like it’s WiFi yea, truth\r\nBetter copy and drop your stupid-a-s-pride, mtchwee\r\nStupid-asss-guy, yes, I proceed like say I get belle\r\nNot done spitting\r\nYou were never fat, but just don’t fit in\r\nIn Gidi to make the paper in one-seating\r\nGadiyola at Eko Hostel mean another man city\r\n\r\nYou ain’t gat the job done whack\r\nShot fired, let the bullet touch the dead guy asap\r\nH0t guy, under, opposite, or big shout\r\nI ain’t even take a picture, but they’ watching me snap\r\n\r\n[Hook/Chorus]\r\nHuu, yea you, should go Back To School\r\nCos you ain’t gat class like that,\r\nmehnn, you ain’t gat class like that\r\nI say huu, you, should go Back To School\r\nCos you ain’t gat class like that,\r\nnay, you ain’t gat class like that\r\n\r\n[Outro]\r\nNasimi wakup urche oheeeee\r\nNacha aha nacha ahaa\r\nNasimi wakup urche oheeeee “Oluwa!”\r\nNacha aha nacha ahaa


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