Bangin - A to Z (WordPlay)

Bangin - A to Z (WordPlay)

BebesticBebestic in May 14, 2016


A: African lyrical genius, wordplay me flow like me aint serious\r\nB: Bangin is the name as you know, get a seat and listen as me flow on\r\nC: Call dem police dem, to chase out them babylon away from we end\r\nD: Dont let oppotunity, pass you by, watch and shadow as you carry on\r\nE: Enemies plenty everywhere, jeje dey blow your trumpet in the air\r\nF: Follow your leader, any mistake wey you make, na him go be your teacher\r\nG: Go for what you believe, whatever you sow, surely na him you go ripe\r\nH: Hangout with some people dem, wey go see your mistakes and help you fix\r\nthem\r\nI: Invest your kobo, kobo, tori oni lari, tomorrow fit no pop up\r\nJ: Jahovah, na only him fit cross you over\r\nK: Keep on keep on, keep pushing on brother dont stop.\r\nL: Leave them make them dey talk talk, you just focus on your dream, just\r\ndey work work\r\nM: Make your money dey call call, i say make you leave them make them dey\r\ntalk talk\r\nN: No matter how them try oo, prove to them they cant stop your shine oo\r\nO: Open your mind when you dey follow follow, insert your CD(Condom) if you\r\nknow you want to jolojolo\r\nP: Prayer Prayer, prayer should be your watch word\r\nQ: Que sera sera, whatever will be will surely be\r\nR: Road to your zion, you will meet some friends like dogs, some like a\r\nlions\r\nS: Slow and steady na him dey win dey race o\r\nT: Talk less, act more. if your idea no reach, you can google to ask more\r\nU: Under the canopy of God, na there make you put your faith\r\nV: Vanity upon vanity, always remember everything is vanity\r\nW: Wake up from your slumber, hug your hustle tight like bumper to bumper\r\nX: Xenophobia should stop among we africans\r\nY: You and i, you and i should live as brothers\r\nZ: Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom, boy am Zooming on x 10\r\n

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