Dj Spinall
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Dj Spinall

Sodamola Oluseye Desmond
02 June
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Spinall just as the name implies signifies a disc jockey who plays all kinds of genre of music, he is not restricted to any specific genre, his style of play has been tagged by many as ‘fearless’ as a result of his ability to bring all kinds of music in one playlist, these differentiated him out from the lots and won him several awards. On September 11 2018, DJ Spinall signed international major deal with Atlantic Records UK and the record deal was announced via his Instagram post at Atlantic Records UK headquarter where the recording deal was signed between Spinall and Atlantic Records UK alongside his Manager "Tolulope S.". DJ Spinall signs a major deal with Smirnoff Ice drink in 2015 and the contract was renewed in 2016. On March 20 2018, DJ Spinall signs deal with Pepsi Nigeria.

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