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Phyno - E Sure For Me

Phyno - E Sure For Me

Phyno is back with another consistent hit titled "E Sure For Me" a follow up to his highly successful collaboration with Olamide on the single "Fada Fada".

Phyno is just outstanding... enjoy "E Sure For Me" and be kind to drop comments.

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Jul 07, 2016

Comments (47)

  • Zeussaid: 8 months ago

    1st to get it and believe it is a hit

  • Zeussaid: 8 months ago

    good one. I'm number to get it

  • Chibuikesaid: 8 months ago

    Phyno is a good singer

  • Fisayosaid: 8 months ago

    I love it

  • Deusametsaid: 8 months ago

    my guy Phyno I love it

  • Young lexzysaid: 8 months ago

    so wondafu

  • Spoonsaid: 7 months ago

    Na so bro big thumbs up olisa do biko

  • Ukamakasaid: 7 months ago

    Nice one

  • Texas...said: 6 months ago

    feeling ur bit... back 2 back.....

  • Emmysaid: 6 months ago

    Nice one

  • Barrysaid: 6 months ago

    I like it

  • Tspenzasaid: 6 months ago

    Your Comment *nice one

  • Saint odunsaid: 6 months ago

    The best so far from him

  • Toomeysaid: 5 months ago

    2baba sure pass

  • Cleverking johnnysaid: 5 months ago

    DA this musik go mek me join muisk(career) i go die 4 song OOooo.Good one Phyno fine no!!!.

  • Mike satsatsaid: 5 months ago

    Flavour is my best man

  • Mr paddysaid: 5 months ago

    Comment I love it

  • Simon Nicholassaid: 4 months ago

    Yes I like it

  • Donwizzysaid: 4 months ago

    I love it, good one from phyno

  • Xtarboy nizzysaid: 4 months ago

    nice one BABA feeling the hit muan!!!!

  • Kingsaid: 4 months ago

    ..perfect one for al honest hustlers and my brothers abroad!Lol, i love it

  • Kemmysaid: 3 months ago

    oga phynooo i na lu ezibote oluu

  • Henrysaid: 3 months ago

    Comment nice one

  • Linus.comsaid: 3 months ago

    Comment e-go sure 4 me/u

  • Priscilliasaid: 3 months ago

    waooo too much,i love it

  • Chukwuma hillarysaid: 2 months ago

    i thank u phyno by useing nsukka to rap

  • Gideonsaid: 2 months ago

    E most sure 4 me

  • Ibrahim koromasaid: 2 months ago

    big one bro

  • Debbysaid: one month ago

    phyno is so good,i can I download it

  • Chigosaid: one month ago


  • Franklin davidsaid: 4 weeks ago

    phyno u are 2 much keep it up because e sure 4 me

  • Sustainsaid: 4 weeks ago

    Alot of Reality lying in one song

  • Paul Sylvestersaid: 4 weeks ago

    I love the track

  • Trishsaid: 3 weeks ago

    Phyno ezenunu.....I love this song.. I love u to the moon

  • Agbaruasaid: 3 weeks ago

    I love phyno I love his songs and he attitude he is boasting like other singer I love his way and I love all musicians because with them I don't know how this world would be I thank God for such an idea I appreciate

  • Uzochisaid: 3 weeks ago

    is for me

  • $iecosaid: 3 weeks ago

    phyno igbugo m!

  • Isaac Jazzysaid: 2 weeks ago

    E sure for me bros E show me

  • Ayubsaid: 7 days ago

    Gr8 1 bro

  • FLEXYBOYsaid: 7 days ago

    so wonderful phyno, u 2 much

  • FLEXYBOYsaid: 7 days ago

    so wonderful phyno, u 2 much

  • Lordnicesaid: 6 days ago

    if I tell u dat I love Phyno I lie, but dis very E sure for me makes me to be phyno no 1 fans.

  • Andrewsaid: 4 days ago

    phyno i love it, especially financial woman.

  • Desmond Chinedusaid: 4 days ago

    Phyno nwa mama... Highly talented, keep moving bro God and ur BIA men are with u.

  • Rocky blisssaid: 3 days ago

    As dope as ever and always physio is d main guy

  • Coogisaid: 10 hours ago

    Super fast downloads

  • Chimasaid: 4 hours ago

    nice one dear

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