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P-Square - Bank Alert

P-Square - Bank Alert

And finally Nigeria's celebrity twins P-Square are back with a brand new single titled "Bank Alert".

Following the recent public apology to fans by Peter Okoye and announcement of reconciliation between him, Paul Okoye and Jude Okoye, Nigerian singing duo Psquare have Released the audio, and have shot a video for The new single titled ‘Bank Alert’.

They got the fans anticipating with teasers since they reconciled few weeks ago. The video for “Bank Alert” is said to be directed Clarence Peters.

It has also been rumoured that they intend to start a new journey which includes their elder brother Jude Okoye returning as the group’s manager, and also stated they were coming back with new music and new ideas.

The singing duo tease fans with behind the scenes photos from the video shoot for their latest single directed by Clarence Peters.

The singers take back the video to the streets once again to showcase their versatile Ability. This new tune follows their collaboration in ‘Kidogo’ alongside Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

“Bank Alert” is their first official single since after they all when solo. The industry and fans are happy to have the duo back. And this song "Bank Alert" is a perfect welcome back jam. Bank Alert is a-must-download banger which gives you that P-Square old-days feel.

Listen and share your thoughts below.

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Sep 15, 2016

Comments (113)

  • Charitysaid: 8 months ago

    Nic one

  • Elimontysaid: 8 months ago

    Hum too sweet and pleasing.,,,,,, waiting to hear da full album

  • Kaysaid: 8 months ago

    top Song

  • Michael Uzoma Michaelsaid: 8 months ago


    so happy that the official p-square is back.... Repeating Bank Alert every seconds............ Uzomedia

  • Godfrey Dayensaid: 8 months ago

    Fantastic song

  • DJ PRESHsaid: 8 months ago

    Rude boyz for ever lengend

  • Preacher mansaid: 8 months ago

    tank God 4 cming bk again P2

  • Marvel ebohsaid: 8 months ago

    Nice song

  • Emekasaid: 8 months ago

    This guy won't stop impressing me with their songs... Another nice one from tge duo...

  • Reallyharnosaid: 7 months ago

    omo first to download dupe song

  • Brendasaid: 7 months ago

    I am very happy for them,

  • Israelsaid: 7 months ago

    This guys are too good,God will continue to bless u guys and continue to impact more inspirations your I wish you guys could please come and perform at my birthday party.cause am really a fan of you guys I love you guy like die hoping you guys would come and perform at my party I will be so glad my number is 080332384279

  • Lowkeysaid: 7 months ago

    olamide and phyno nhaaa murder for rabs

  • Prince Udeme (A.k.A) Mc U.Psaid: 7 months ago

    Jude/peter and paul:: dem say dis day will never come' but god pass dem, am happy for u guy for keeping dat capter (P) respect, i remain ur humble boy Mc U.P mosic and comedy artiste

  • Paddysaid: 7 months ago

    nice song bro

  • Oghene9icezosaid: 7 months ago

    Nice one every thing about de song is magnificent de tone de redeem awesome

  • Endurancesaid: 7 months ago

    Oga on the top

  • Chukwuemeka juniorsaid: 6 months ago

    God ll bless you people in jesus name amen
    my number 09073651332

  • Nickzfavsaid: 6 months ago

    D song is xo dope...hapi reunion psquare,..remain blessed

  • Solomon Amofasaid: 6 months ago

    Comment keep doing that because I love it.

  • Solomon Amofasaid: 6 months ago

    Comment keep doing that because I love it.

  • Stevensaid: 6 months ago

    Nice effort, God bless their hustle, cheers.

  • Ifykentsaid: 6 months ago

    Best like no oda, together 4eva, december rock hit, kudos broda. ????????????

  • Jerry i,msaid: 6 months ago

    lovely one

  • Itboysaid: 6 months ago

    bank alert by p square, nice one

  • Judith mattysaid: 6 months ago

    OMG even though i'm from South Africa and i don't understand some of the lyrics but the song is dope THUMBS UP GUYS

  • Nataliasaid: 6 months ago

    Comment guys you rock i jst want to ask when you guys are comeing to visit in namibia please come one day i love your songs to much and cant wait to see you in flesh

  • Mikosaid: 6 months ago

    So sweey

  • Zachariahsaid: 5 months ago

    I like this track

  • Giftsaid: 5 months ago

    AM HaPPY FOR. TheM

  • Ebere or. baby. lovesaid: 5 months ago


  • Tonysaid: 5 months ago

    U guyz ar blessed wit blessings .luv u all

  • Virtuoussaid: 5 months ago

    I luv the song

  • Andigema Sergesaid: 5 months ago

    Good one

  • Nnamdi onyirimbasaid: 5 months ago

    great song

  • Prince Charmin from Ghanasaid: 5 months ago

    We Ghanaians are really enjoying this song God bless you P - Square

  • Francesaid: 4 months ago

    Waou so sweet

  • Tenayasaid: 4 months ago

    am in luv with the song

  • Ebullient udoabasisaid: 4 months ago

    MEHn this song is hot

  • Successsaid: 4 months ago

    Bros una 2much

  • Chi martinsaid: 4 months ago

    nice one guyz keep it moving forward cus u guyx are blessings

  • Cynthia C Mmadusaid: 4 months ago

    d song is really driving me crazy i love it. keep it up twin brothers.

  • Cynthia C Mmadusaid: 4 months ago

    d song is really driving me crazy i love it. keep it up twin brothers.

  • Fallon Ajaegbusaid: 4 months ago

    Wowww ah luv dis sng

  • Dansaid: 4 months ago


  • Rukkysaid: 4 months ago

    Nice enjoying it

  • Lucysaid: 4 months ago

    Difficult to downloadLucy

  • Ashessaid: 4 months ago

    M always dancing, afro beauty.

  • OSCAR PRINCE ETONsaid: 4 months ago

    better dan de best

  • Tar simonsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice being back brothers.and congraturation 4 de new release.

  • Jaysaid: 4 months ago

    I love this song

  • Nikky Goldsaid: 4 months ago


  • Onogwu Favorsaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one.

  • Judesaid: 4 months ago

    Comment i love the music

  • Touanisaid: 4 months ago

    i like the song very well.

  • Henrysaid: 4 months ago

    Nice one my brothers. Pls u guys shld try organize show in Ifitedunu.

  • Abubakarsaid: 4 months ago

    Comment.i lyk u p-square u make us happi though ur song i pray dat i will see it more nd more better from u

  • Debz johns from zambia.0974400863said: 4 months ago

    Comment i luv uu guys coz u r so switty and i cherish all ur songs.hw i wish we cn make a collable .

  • Heryindesaid: 3 months ago

    it was a fantastic release...I love it

  • Is awesomesaid: 3 months ago

    D song is awesome

  • Adasaid: 3 months ago

    Nice song

  • S.b daudasaid: 3 months ago

    A very impressive song

  • Thee Donda in SAsaid: 3 months ago

    Ahh iye eeh, eeh eh eh
    Girl is up to you but I dey pray you say ‘I do’
    Eeh eeh, Ahh iye eeh, eeh eh eh
    Go tell your papa eeh, say na me dey come for youu

  • Toluwalsse Duroshola/Damilare Durosholasaid: 3 months ago

    Commenti love ur music

  • Bullysaid: 3 months ago

    wow it's a nice ons

  • Ore1uksaid: 3 months ago

    Some times i wonder where you guys get your lyrics and music from, i just can't imagine. but one thing i am certain of is that you guys are Good and fantastically good.

  • Anastacia mcgillsaid: 3 months ago

    I love music a lot and I wish to download it but it fail to download.

  • Famoussaid: 3 months ago

    Nice of you guys call 08106812116±

  • Ifeomasaid: 3 months ago

    I don't know what came about this song.but all I can say is weldon good job. God bless you all, one lov one family's

  • Uguru cypriansaid: 3 months ago

    You guyz are doing great, i love that.

  • Joshsaid: 3 months ago

    Nice music keep it up. Omo I say when I hear this music e be like say make the money just they come

  • Bank alertsaid: 3 months ago

    so interesting

  • Benoskysaid: 3 months ago

    Fantastic song I love it

  • Aslam Belles Immanuelsaid: 3 months ago

    i like your hit guys.go on strong

  • P square audio slow 2011said: 3 months ago

    P square

  • Petersaid: 2 months ago

    I really like the song

  • Wiper from Ghsaid: 2 months ago

    Tank God for coming back

  • Mikkymansaid: 2 months ago

    wowwow very Nice

  • Flexzy jay babasaid: 2 months ago

    U guyz are to much i love you

  • Aminusaid: 2 months ago

    Original song

  • Jozzysaid: 2 months ago

    Bank alert psquare

  • Oga Jonasaid: 2 months ago

    Nyc song I pray u come to kd n perform is up to u bt I day pray u say I will

  • Jabie L sheriffsaid: 2 months ago

    I want download video

  • Lizzsaid: 2 months ago

    I love this music bank alert

  • M.T.Lsaid: 2 months ago

    Its so cool music. Im wating for your next music. I love your music.

  • K-Ksaid: 2 months ago

    I missed u p-squre

  • Ignaciah mdhlulisaid: 2 months ago

    I love this song nice song guys keep it up

  • Djicabdysaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one double p

  • Joycesaid: 2 months ago

    Nice one

  • Thomassaid: 2 months ago

    The top onefor the yeaar 2017

  • Sammysaid: 2 months ago

    How can i donwload it pls help

  • Nkoji Innocentsaid: 2 months ago

    Nice to the Brain.

  • Maxi Queensaid: 2 months ago

    anitym I hear dis song I can't stop smiling or dancing

  • Probitysaid: 2 months ago

    nice song keep it up p-square

  • Obandey Ghana Ghsaid: 2 months ago

    Keep it up p square.

  • Lydiasaid: 2 months ago

    Nice trck

  • Gabriel from Zambiasaid: 2 months ago

    Comment timaya money ft flavour

  • Toheebsaid: one month ago

    we luv u psquare

  • Treasuresaid: one month ago

    I love this music

  • Idrissaid: one month ago

    It reminds me of our Gwags days...
    Una too mosh P-Square.
    Keep on representing Gwags

  • E Konyetango Petrussaid: one month ago

    nice bro

  • Vero solomon i love itsaid: 4 weeks ago

    I love u guys.

  • Jozzysaid: 4 weeks ago

    9ice 1

  • Abdul.majolagbasaid: 3 weeks ago

    Commentilove music

  • Solomonsaid: 3 weeks ago

    Comment hi

  • FiFi CoOpErsaid: 3 weeks ago

    It's amazing

  • Agnes manganyisaid: 3 weeks ago

    Naija songs are really amazing

  • Khalifa Sadeeqsaid: 2 weeks ago

    9ce one bank Alert

  • Verasaid: 2 weeks ago

    Love it

  • Joel Tenniesaid: one week ago

    I love p square song

  • Alicesaid: 7 days ago

    Wow. Nice music

  • DIKE EMEKAsaid: 6 days ago


  • DIKE EMEKAsaid: 6 days ago


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